Splatoon 2 Splatfest: How Does It Work?

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Splatfests are special events in Splatoon 2 where two teams battle it out for ultimate supremacy. Players debate on such philosophical questions as “Which is better: Cake or Ice Cream?” by fighting it out in multiplayer Turf War matches. Here’s everything you need to know based on the guidebook found in the game during the Splatfest World Premiere demo.

Once you select your team in the booth in the hub area of the game, you can head to the lobby and select either Solo Division or Team Division. Solo Division has you placed into a team with other solo players who are on your team. Team Division allows you to bring a group of friends of the same team together for battles. People in Solo Division fight against other people in Solo Division and Team Division fight against other people in Team Division.

Splatfest battles operate just like any other Turf War battle. The goal of each match is to get more of your team’s ink on the map than your opponent’s by the end of the match.

splatoon 2, splatoon 2 splatfest, splatoon 2 splatfest demo

Screenshot by Jack FennimorePearl and Marina are the hosts of Splatfest.

Splatfest Points are awarded based on the results of the match and raise your Splatfest rank. You get more points if you win a match. The higher your rank, the more Super Sea Snails you get.

Battling also raises your Splatfest Power levels, which groups you with people of similar levels for matches. Your power level will a first display as “calculating” but will display an actual number after seven battles and change to reflect wins and losses from the eighth battle on.

After the Splatfest is over, the results are calculated based on three factors: popularity, Solo Division victories, and Team Division victories. Popularity is calculated based on how many people sign up for a team. Solo Division and Team Division victories are calculated based on, as you probably guessed, how many times a team won in matches in both divisions.

Whoever is on the winning side gets slightly more Super Sea Snails than people on the other team. Super Sea Snails are given to Murch near the lobby tower, and are used to add new ability slots to gear or replace an ability and earn you the old ability chunk.

That’s all you need to know about Splatfests. So until next time, don’t get cooked, stay off the hook.

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