Splatoon 2: Best Weapons For Beginners


There are a lot of weapons in Splatoon 2. If you’re a beginner to the game, you may be wondering what the best weapons are for getting ahead. Or maybe you’re tired of the standard weapons and want something a bit more exciting. Well look no further.

Here are the best weapons for greenhorns looking to improve their game.

Splat Dualies

splatoon 2 splat dualies, splatoon 2 weapons, splatoon 2 best weapons

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

Splat Dualies are two guns held in each hand that shoot out ink rapidly. It functions similarly to the Splattershot, but it has the extra ability of a dodge roll performed by holding down the B button as you shoot. You’ll be immobile for a short while after rolling, but your streams will combine and become way more accurate. You can bait opponents into shooting you before flanking them with a roll and shooting them back. Burst Bombs complement the set, dealing damage to the opponent quickly with a sneak attack before finishing them off with the weapon. The Tenta Missiles send out a volley of homing rockets to splat opponents. Try activating the rockets and then moving in while opponents are running away.

Tentatek Splattershot

splatoon 2 splattershot, splatoon 2 weapons, splatoon 2 best weapons

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

The Tentatek Splattershot is a remixed version of the Splattershot. The Splattershot is already great for its balanced stats, being equally good at covering the area in ink and fending off opponents. However, the Tentatek-branded version swaps the Burst Bombs and Splashdown special weapon with Splat Bombs and the Inkjet special weapon. While the previous iteration’s sub and special weapons are good, the Splat Bombs are way more powerful and the Inkjet special can kill opponents much more efficiently. The Tentatek Splattershot is geared much more towards combat, which makes it useful not only for Turf Wars but for ranked matches as well.

Heavy Splatling

splatoon 2 heavy splatling, splatoon 2 weapons, splatoon 2 best weapons

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

The Heavy Splatling is similar to chargers only instead of shooting a long stream of ink, it shoots a rapid fire barrage of the stuff. The weapon is a great investment not just for Turf Wars but for when you eventually get to ranked matches as well. It’s perfect for Turf Wars as it can cover a wide area of ink quickly, but it’s also fantastic for taking out opponents. Just a second of being under fire will KO most enemy Inklings. Just be wary of the spin time before firing as it slows you down and leaves you vulnerable. However, the firepower of this bad boy cannot be stated enough, especially with the Sprinkler sub weapon backing you up. Combined with the power of the Sting Ray special weapon fending off foes from afar and you have one powerful weapon set at your disposal.

Aerospray MG

splatoon 2 aerospray, splatoon 2 weapons, splatoon 2 best weapons

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

What the Aerospray MG lacks in firepower and range it more than makes up for in its ability to cover tons of the map in ink in a short amount of time. It’s also good for fending off close opponents as the rate of fire can shred them quickly despite the low power. However, you should focus mostly on covering the area in ink instead of fighting. The Suction Bombs have a long delay before exploding but they’re great for smoking out enemies so they can run into your weapon. They’re also useful for chasing opponents away or catching them around corners so you can focus on painting the area. The Curling Bomb launcher special weapon adds to the ink coverage as well as giving multiple close range opponents a nasty surprise.


splatoon 2 slosher, splatoon 2 weapons, splatoon 2 best weapons

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

The Slosher is a bucket that fires globs of ink across a sent distance. Most of the ink is concentrated at the end of its range and its fire is semiautomatic as opposed to most of the other weapons which are automatic. The ink fires in an ark, making it best for hitting opponents in elevated positions or behind cover. It’s also effective in covering the area in ink in a relatively short amount of time. Suction bombs shepherd opponents into range while the Tenta Missiles help in attacking enemies behind cover. The Slosher can be tricky to use but is very useful in the right hands.

Carbon Roller

splatoon 2 carbon roller, splatoon 2 weapons, splatoon 2 best weapons

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

The Carbon Roller is a happy medium between the slower Splat Roller and the faster Octobrush. While its not as powerful as the Splat Roller and doesn’t fling ink as far, it’s much faster. You can zoom past opponents and their weapons while covering huge stretches of terrain in ink, especially you have abilities that increase your run speed. The Autobomb is fantastic as you can distract opponents as the bomb blows them up. The Ink Storm special weapon increases your coverage even more and pairs wonderfully with your other weapons as your opponents are slowed by the storm.


splatoon 2 blaster, splatoon 2 weapons, splatoon 2 best weapons

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

My personal favorite, the Blaster is one of the best weapons for dealing with enemy players. It’s also one of the harder weapons in the game to use effectively. That’s because it fires at a low rate of fire grenade-like projectiles of ink that explode after traveling a short distance. However, just one direct hit can KO opponents. Even if you miss, the explosion can cut an opponent’s health in half. Toss a Toxic Mist into the area to slow down opponents and gradually decrease their ink reserves then go in for the kill. The Splashdown special weapon completes the set, annihilating those close by. While the Blaster is not as useful for covering the area in ink, it’s still a wonderful weapon early on that only gets better in ranked matches.