Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes: Easiest Rebels to Farm for Emperor’s Demise Event

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes boasts a rather large collection of characters available through means like Cantina Battles, Galactic War, Arena Battles, etc. but sometimes there will be characters only available through special events, such as the Emperor’s Demise event.

This event gives players a chance to obtain Emperor Palpatine shards, the feared leader of the Galactic Empire. Even at 5-stars the Emperor is a force to reckoned with in pretty much any situation so he’s worth getting. The event doesn’t last forever and we usually receive ample time to prepare for the event.

star wars galaxy of heroes

For the Emperor’s Demise event, you will need to build a team of Rebels and increase their rank as fast as you can. You’ll need a team of at least five 5-star Rebel characters if you want any chance of at least unlocking the 5-star Emperor Palpatine.

Here are some of the easiest and best heroes to farm for the event.

  • Stormtrooper Han – Squad Arena Store
  • Lando Calrissian – Cantina Battle 1-E, 5-F
  • Princess Leia – Squad Arena Store
  • Wedge Antilles – Cantina Battle 6-F, Occasionally Fleet Store
  • Biggs Darklighter – Cantina Battle 3-G, Dark Side Hard Battle 4-A

This team of characters will be a very formidable team against the Emperor and all of them are relatively easy to level up, barring you put the time in.

star wars galaxy of heroes

Our best advice to get a 7-star Rebel squad would be to start plucking away at Han and Lando first, as they will be the easiest to start. Once Galactic War is unlocked, you can start on the Biggs shards. Once Han is finished, you can switch to Leia shards. By the time you have these characters geared and leveled up, you should be far enough to unlock the Wedge Cantina Battle.

If you’re looking for the fastest characters to farm, you might be looking in a different direction than the above heroes. Since Wedge is pretty deep in the Cantina Battles, you might need to replace him with another hero and we have some suggestions for that as well.

  • Scarif Rebel Pathfinder – Cantina Battle 1-D
  • Farmboy Luke Skywalker – Cantina Battle 1-B, 5-A
  • Admiral Ackbar – Squad Arena Store, Ship Challenges

These three shouldn’t be a priority unless you have no other character to choose from, although Farmboy Luke is needed for the Commander Luke Skywalker event. Ackbar is given to you once you complete enough ship challenges so he will be an easy character to grab. He is unlocked at 4-stars so you don’t have a long way to go to get him to 5-stars.

The addition of characters from the TV show Star Wars Rebels now allows us to recommend even more heroes that will fit in your Rebel squad. Kanan, Ezra and Hera are very easily farmed and actually work very well together. We haven’t gotten a chance to test these characters in the event, but we suspect they will perform admirably.

In fact, if we were starting a new account today, these would be the first characters we’d go after. Having a fully leveled up Phoenix Squadron will allow you to get both the Emperor and Grand Admiral Thrawn, as well as providing a good team for the other content in the game.

  • Kanan Jarrus – Squad Arena Store
  • Ezra Bridger – Cantina Battle 2-B
  • Hera Syndulla – Cantina Battle 1-F
  • Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios – Galactic War Shipments
  • Chopper – Cantina Battle Shipments
  • Sabine Wren – Dark Side Hard Battle 1-A, Guild Store
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