Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Introduces 3 New Ewoks With Update

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

As you may have noticed, this month’s Daily Log In reward is Chief Chirpa. That’s not just a coincidence, as an upcoming update is set to introduce three brand new Ewok characters to the already large roster of characters.

Wicket, Logray and Paploo are the new additions and July will also be bringing more Ewok-exclusive events to the game. We will have special Ewok Marquee events, Double Drops and more to celebrate the three new characters. You may have noticed the Ewoks currently in the game have received new art.

Here are all the events going on this month:

  • Updated art – New models, character art, animations, and ability icons for all existing Ewoks
  • Ewoks Faction pass – Updated stats and abilities for Chief Chirpa, Ewok Scout, and Ewok Elder.
  • 3 Brand New Ewoks
    • Wicket – Powerful Ewok Attacker with Critical Hit and Stealth synergies
    • Logray – Sage Ewok Support who can Daze enemies and grant Ewok allies buffs
    • Paploo – Resourceful Ewok Tank with Assist and Buff synergies
  • Ewok Marquee Events – Play with the new Ewoks and get free character shards!
  • Ewok Double Drops – Ewoks are popping up around the Cantina all month long – check back daily to see if your favorite Ewok is causing Double Drop mischief
  • Ewok Flash Events – Power up your Ewok squad to dominate Flash Events and get rare gear and other rewards

You can check out all the other events coming soon in the Road Ahead blog post. Most notably, we have a new iteration of Luke Skywalker coming, called Commander Luke Skywalker.

If you want to take advantage of the Double Drops coming, here are all the nodes with Ewoks currently on them.

  • Ewok Scout – Light Side 1-A Hard
  • Ewok Scout – Dark Side 8-D Hard
  • Ewok Scout – Dark Side 9-B Hard
  • Teebo Light Side – 4-A Hard
  • Teebo Dark Side – 3-D Hard
  • Chief Chirpa – Cantina 5-D Normal
  • Ewok Elder – Dark Side 8-C Hard

If you’re looking to take the easy route and unlock the Ewoks quickly, you can purchase bundles featuring Ewok shards right now for $20 a pop.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

We also have a full list of changes made to the current Ewok roster, as laid out on the Galaxy of Heroes forum.

Chief Chirpa

  • Changing Attribute from Intelligence to Strength
  • Increased Protection

Special 1: Ancestral Secrets

  • Now reads “All allies recover 10-20% of their Max Health and gain Heal Over Time (10-20%) for 2-3 turns. Ewok allies also gain Retribution for 2 turns and Heal Over Time for 1 additional turn.”
  • Omega: Now adds “+5% Heal” in addition to previous bonus of “Heal Over Time Duration + 1.”

Special 2: Tribal Unity

  • Omega: Now adds “-50% Damage Penalty” in addition to previous bonus of “All Ewoks Assist.”
  • Leader: Simple Tactics
  • NEW ZETA: Whenever an Ewok ally uses a Special ability, 60% chance a random Ewok ally is called to Assist.

Ewok Elder

  • Changing Attribute from Agility to Strength
  • Increased Protection

Basic: Guiding Strike

  • Upgrade 7 now adds “+10% Damage” instead of “5% Damage.”
  • Omega: Now adds “+15% Damage” in addition to previous bonus of “Add +10% Turn Meter for non-Ewok allies.”

Special 1: Tribal Healer

  • Now reads “Dispel all debuffs on all allies. All allies recover Health equal to 10-30% of Ewok Elder’s Max Health with a 25-35% chance to revive defeated allies at 1-15% Health.”
  • Omega: Now adds “+5% Heal” and “+5% Revive Health” in addition to previous bonus of “+5% Revive Chance.”

Special 2: Power of the Forest

  • -Gains “If the revived ally is an Ewok, they are called to Assist” and “Whenever an Ewok ally is defeated, reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1.”
  • Omega: Now adds “Cooldown – 1” in addition to previous bonus of “+15% Turn Meter Gain Chance.”

Ewok Scout

  • Increased Protection
  • Base speed changed from 100 to 113

Basic: Ewok Ambush

  • Upgrade 7 now adds “+10% Damage” instead of “5% Damage.”
  • Omega: Now adds “+15% Damage” in addition to previous bonus of “+15% Turn Meter Reduction Chance.”

Special 1: Rushing Attack

  • Upgrade 6 now adds “+10% Damage” instead of “5% Damage.”
  • Omega: Now adds “+15% Damage” and also, “Call a random ally to Assist” in addition to previous bonus of “Cooldown – 1.”

Unique: Tribal Tactics

  • Omega: Now adds “Gain Turn Meter on a Critical Hit” in addition to previous bonus of “+5% Turn Meter Gain.”

Special 2: Bring Low

  • Reworded: “Deal unavoidable Physical damage to target enemy and dispel all buffs on them. If any buffs are dispelled, remove 60% Turn Meter.”

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