Street Fighter V: Nostalgic Costumes, Classic Ryu Stage & More DLC Releasing Soon

SF5 Classic Ryu Stage Capcom

Evo 2017 is full swing at the moment. As expected, the fighting game community has gathered in unison to be in attendance.

Capcom may have canceled their planned panel for the event, but they still made sure to make some special Street Fighter V announcements. What makes all of these reveals even more hype is the fact that they’ll all be arriving on July 25. All of this content is set to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Street Fighter.

First up are throwback nostalgic costumes for Alex, Ibuki and Juri. The first two characters’ costumes are inspired by their Street Fighter 3 duds and Juri will once agin be sporting her Super Street Fighter 4 outfit. On top of all that, another old school stage is getting revived for the current era of Street Fighter – Ryu’s “Suzaku Castle” stage from Street Fighter 2. You can check out images of all that aforementioned DLC below (be sure to check out the sports-themed costumes at this link, too):

SF5 Classic Ryu Stage


SF5 Nostalgic Alex


SF5 Nostalgic Ibuki


SF5 Nostalgic Juri


But wait – THERE’S MORE! Another Capcom Pro Tour stage is on the way and it looks amazing. The new “Ring of Pride” locale is a massive sumo stadium that’s been financed by the Karin’s Kanzuki family. Plus Guile is getting blessed with a special “Champion’s Costume” outfit that was specially designed by Capcom Cup 2016 winner Du “Liquid|NuckleDu” Dang. Take a peek at the new stage and costume in the pics posted below:

SF5 New Capcom Tour Stage


SF5 Champion's Choice Guile


Speaking of the Capcom Pro Tour, the next leg of the North American Finals at Red Bull Battle Grounds has been set. It’ll take place at The Castle in Boston on November 18-19. For an official breakdown of how much everything costs if you want all the Capcom Tour DLC, check out the description below:

Capcom Pro Tour Costumes
– Additional Costume: Ryu — $5.99 / € 5.99
– Additional Costume: Ken — $5.99 / € 5.99
– Additional Costume: Champion’s Choice Costume: Guile — $5.99 / € 5.99

Capcom Pro Tour Stage
– CPT Stage: Kanzuki Family Stadium — $9.99 / € 9.99

Capcom Pro Tour 2017 Premier Pass — $24.99 / € 24.99
– Additional Costume: Ryu
– Additional Costume: Ken
– Additional Costume: Champion’s Choice Costume: Guile
– Capcom Pro Tour Stage: Kanzuki Family Stadium
– one exclusive CPT-themed color option for all 28 characters
– two Titles: “Capcom Cup 2017” and “Capcom Pro Tour 2017”

Now there’s something else that Capcom let slip out that may be alluding to the next Season 2 entrant. It’s been rumored that Abigail, a Final Fight boss character, is on the way as the next member of SF5’s roster. The new stage pic that just dropped looks like those rumors of an Abigail announcement are likely coming true. That incoming stage teaser image can be seen below:

SF5 Abigail Stage


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