WATCH: Pokemon Go Crashes During Official Fest Live Stream

In a moment that was just so ironic it almost hurt, Niantic tried to show a raid battle live on its Twitch live stream feed. But something went very wrong. While battling Kingler, the game just crashed and then restarted. Whoever was running the game must not have been too happy about that, because they quickly switched back to the static screen that players have been complaining about all day.

Watch above to see that fateful moment when the game crashed during the official Twitch live stream for Niantic.

Here’s a screenshot:

NianticGame restarting

Well, that was unfortunate.

On Reddit, comments included:

This day can get even better.”

It was sooo good. Lol’d talking to my gf on the phone.”

i mean at least it’s realistic.”

Aaaand back to the static Go Fest image. Why am I even watching this?”

Well, you’re watching a static image because earlier in the day, Niantic did try to show crowd shots during its live stream. But fans were not looking happy in those crowd shots, so they gave up on the idea.

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