WATCH: Pokemon Go Player Throws Bottle at Niantic Host During Festival

Fans are angry about the Pokemon Go Fest and they aren’t hiding their feelings. While one Niantic host took the stage to talk to fans about the current challenge window, an angry fan threw a water bottle at her.

She was being really encouraging and upbeat, reminding players about what they needed to catch, when someone threw a bottle at her.

The bottle fell low and barely missed hitting her, landing on the ground near her foot.

NianticPokemon Go

You can see the bottle getting close to hitting her foot and calf in the photo above.

Other fans were pretty angry about the water-bottle incident, along with many other times when players revolted and booed and yelled about the event.

A water bottle was pretty minor compared to what John Hanke experienced when he got on stage:

It’s not clear what Niantic can do to save the event. Fans are happy for the refund, but they spent a lot of money to get here. If server issues continue to plague gameplay, some players may feel cheated about spending so much money and then barely being able to play the game at all.