WWE Tap Mania: Top 5 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top five tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for WWE Tap Mania.


WWE Tap Mania


• The whole purpose of WWE Tap Mania is to tap your screen furiously and defeat any and all massive wrestlers that are your opponents. Use two fingers to deal out maximum damage. At first, the ring will only be filled by you and a rival Superstar (mostly jobbers, though). As you complete more stages, you’ll gather new allies who’ll help pile on those painful tapping attacks. You and your army of WWE Superstars all come with signature moves, plus you’ll gather cash as you defeat opponents and put them towards leveling up your roster. Sometimes, you’ll need to quickly tap on the faces of your wrestlers to upgrade them. By the way, you should tap on the special icon above any of your wrestlers’ faces to use their signature move. You should only use them during Main Event matches (these big boss encounters come right after defeating 10 wrestlers in a row).

2. Level Up Your Army of Wrestlers

WWE Tap Mania


• Cash goes towards leveling up you and everyone one who’s assigned to your roster. Tap on any of their faces to quickly upgrade them and unlock new skills and extra boosts for their stats. Blue upgrades award a Superstar with a DPS increase, while purple upgrades means that that wrestler will be blessed with a new skill. By clicking on the “Superstar” tab, you can focus primarily on upgrading your main wrestler and even edit their appearance (just click on their face within the menu). New passive abilities (Perks) for your main Superstar are unlocked as you hit new levels of prestige (for instance, +25 Player DMG is given to your Superstar at Prestige Level One). Your first Prestige Level is granted to you when you land on Stage 100. After that’s done, you’ll be able to Prestige whenever you’d like.

3. Collect More Superstars

WWE Tap Mania


• Over time, you’ll gather even more big name Superstars. Their star ranking determines just how beneficial they are to your roster (one star being the weakest and six stars being the strongest). Your overall team power will even skyrocket into the millions as you assemble more powerful wrestlers for your tapping mania efforts. Simply getting to farther stages means you’ll be gifted with new talent. Completing certain objectives will net you a new wrestler as well. Just keep in mind that if you gain an extra rare Superstar, you’ll need more purple shards in order to fully unlock them. Make sure you click on the “Cards” tab on the bottom of the screen to see which Superstars you have and which ones you’d like to swap in/out.

4. Watch Those Video Advertisements Every Chance You Get and Get Your Timely Rewards

WWE Tap Mania


• Video advertisements will always give you the chance to nab some extra goodies or boosters. When the cash multiplier pops up near the top left of your screen, click on it to get a chance to collect a 3x cash collecting booster by watching a video (you’ll only get to watch three advertisements on the daily). You should also remember to collect your gifts as certain time periods elapse. Note that you’ll get a free card pack every four hours and Perk Points every 18 minutes. Oh and by the way, leaving the game means your Superstars will still destroy their opposition and gather more cash for you. When you return to the game, watch a video advertisement to double your earnings every time.

5. Complete Objectives and Achievements

WWE Tap Mania


• Like most other mobile games, WWE Tap Mania gives you a list of various objectives and achievements to complete. You’ll be notified during your play session when you complete any of them. Take a few seconds away from all the tapping action to collect all the rewards you’ll be granted from knocking down those missions. Completing objectives nets you all types of rewards, while finishing off achievements will exclusively bless you with more Gold. Gold can be used to purchase special limited time offers, premium card packs and boosts.

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