Agents of Mayhem: Here Are the Best Agency Upgrades


Collin MacGregor

As you play through Agents of Mayhem you will constantly unlock new powers, agents, special one use items, and vehicles. However, one important concept you will obtain at Level 6 is the ability to actually purchase upgrades for your home base “The Ark” and additional passives for your characters. You can only unlock these as your rank up your Agency Level and it will cost you quite a lot of money if you want to buy them all. This can make purchasing the right upgrades critical, especially in the early game where you will be strapped for cash.

Here are our choices for the best Agency Upgrades in Agents of Mayhem:


  • “Loot Lock” Search Program: This passive will now let players find chests when they use their Scanner. While this might seem like a quality of life addition, chests actually provide some of the best loot in Agents of Mayhem. Grabbing this early will allow you to obtain more loot as you play through the game since many of the chests are hidden or tucked away in corners. Given this upgrade is relatively cheap, there is no reason not to pick it up.


  • “Combat Tactics and You” Manual: Once unlocked, this upgrade will decrease your cooldowns for both Dash and Smokescreen across all agents. This is a vital addition and should be one of the first upgrades you pick up. Characters like Rama, Oni, and Scheherazade heavily rely on their ability to turn invisible, so being able to reduce this cooldown will make your life far easier. Plus obtaining your Dash faster will make doing the time trial runs far easier, especially if you use a nimble hero like Fortune.


  • Holistic Relaxation Tapes: As you play through Agents of Mayhem you will eventually encounter a scenario where one of your heroes is badly wounded. While you can normally heal them by swapping to another agent, this can take a lot of time before they’re fully restored. Yet, with this Agency Upgrade your heroes will regen health faster when swapped out, making it an invaluable passive to have for your crew.


  • Congo Prime Membership/Legion  Smuggling Ring: Both of these perks are R+G based so we are going to lump them together since they’re both very valuable. When chosen they will reduce the costs for researching all items, regardless of which agent they are for. If you find yourself using a lot of Gremlin Tech items or Legion Tech perks then nab these as soon as possible. Reducing the cost of resources will all you to focus less on doing side activities to grind out materials and more on fighting the forces of evil.
  • “GonePro” Combat Diary Camera: Another passive you’ll want to grab as soon as you can, “GonePro” simply increases all your XP (experience) earned across the entire game. Since many of your upgrades are actually tied to your Agency level, this will allow you to requisition additional and more powerful perks faster.


  • Beneficial Tech Glitch: One of the best passives is also the most expensive in the entire game, coming in at a rather hefty $200,000. However, it’s worth grinding for all that cash because when purchases all of your Gremlin Tech will have a 25% chance of not being consumed upon use. Since some of these items can cost a lot, it’s completely worth the purchase to save yourself the time of gather resources. Much of the tech is great for boss fights or clearing out a wave of particularly troublesome foes, so don’t pass on this Agency upgrade.