Agents of Mayhem: How to Get Upgrade Cores and Crystal Shards

Agent of Mayhem

Collin MacGregor

There are a lot of collectibles in Agents of Mayhem, but two of the most important are Upgrade Cores and Crystal  Shards. These items allow players to upgrade their agents and give them incredibly powerful abilities that can make them completely unstoppable in the right hands. Every hero has three Upgrade Core slots, each on with unique passive skills such as increased Mayhem mode time, accelerating cooldowns, or inflicting specific status effects on Legion enemies. All of these drastically change how your agent performs and they can inspire entire builds for a specific character.

Thankfully, Agent of Mayhem is rather generous with obtaining Upgrade Cores so it shouldn’t take you long to max out your preferred squad. There are no refunds for using cores, so make sure to use them wisely early on in the game. To actually use these cores, simply bring up your Squad menu, click on your agent of choice, and scroll down to the Core Upgrade tab. You’ll then get a video and brief description of each of three upgrades.

If you are looking to obtain more Upgrade Cores here are the ways you can earn them:

  • Campaign Missions
  • Side Missions
  • Chests (Typically Purple Colored)
  • Global Conflict
  • Online Contracts
  • Obtaining 10 Crystal Shards

Collin MacGregor

However, the quickest method is by far just collecting 10 Crystal Shards which are littered all throughout Seoul. When you are out completing missions, keep an eye out for these floating red shards and make sure to grab them, even if they’re out of the way.  There are a lot of Crystal Shards in Agents of Mayhem so it won’t be much of a grind to obtain enough for your team. You can typically find Crytal Shards on top of buildings, billboards, or under bridges. If you are hunting these down pick a more nimble hero like Fortune since they can climb or vault over buildings faster.