Agents of Mayhem: How to Level Up Your Agent and Earn XP Fast


If you are looking to cause as much chaos as possible in Agents of Mayhem then you will want to upgrade your agents to their maximum level. Not only will this allow you to make them a “Super Agent,” but also play at far higher difficulties. However, ranking them up can take some time, especially later on once you’ve finished most of the main campaign missions. Since every agent can reach a base level 20 (40 if you become a Super Agent)  it can take some time to make sure all 12 heroes hit their max. Thankfully, there are some ways you can increase your XP and speed this process up.

One of easiest ways to level up your team is to run the agent Braddock (who can be acquired very early on in Agents of Mayhem) since one of her upgrades give a flat XP boost for your team. While it starts out at 1%, you can increase this up to ten times via upgrade points. This allows you to run Braddock with two under leveled Agents so they can have an XP boost. Additionally, players can go to the Requisition desk and purchase the “GonePro” Combat Diary Camera for a permanent XP boost for all their characters. Combining Braddock and the Combat Diary upgrade give you a rather significant flat XP boost, so it’s worth doing this from the start if you want to hit Level 20 faster.

Other ways to increase your experience include doing the various side activities that litter the map. These typically don’t take long, but they have a decent pay out for experience points. You can also gain some extra XP by performing a perfect hack. This is accomplished by hitting all the tiny yellow bars, so try to do this every time you hack a computer console. You can also use Global Conflicts as a nice source of experience since many of the continents contain fairly lengthy Legion dungeons.