The Best Mobile Wrestling Sims are all Made by One Guy

iOS Wrestling Game, Android Wrestling Game, Mobile Wrestling Game Mdickie / Appstore

There are millions of wrestling fans across the globe, and billions of phones. Sadly, when it comes to wrestling games for hardcore fans on those phones, the options are limited. There’s the wonderful WWE Champions – but that’s a match-three puzzler with wrestling as a sort of modifier. WWE Immortals is a fighting game, and WWE Tap Mania is…well…hard to describe.

But those aren’t wrestling games. They’re wrestling ‘themed’ games. Where are the mobile games for WWE No Mercy players, or those who long for a new WWE2k game every year?

Enter the Wrestling Revolution series. Available on Android, iOS, and Steam, Wrestling Revolution is clearly a labor of love from a hardcore wrestling fan, Mat Dickie.

iOS Wrestling Game, Android Wrestling Game, Mobile Wrestling Game,

Wrestling Revolution features many favorites…with new names.

There’s currently three main games in the series.

Wrestling Revolution – which is a career mode where you create a character and try to rise up the ranks, boost stats, and win the world championship in a given federation. Along the way you’ll face injury, backstage politics, and more than one steel chair to the head.

Booking Revolution is made for your inner Vince McMahon. You take over a wrestling organization and place wrestlers into matches, and then play those matches. But here’s the twist, you’re not playing to win, you’re playing to have a good match. Thus, you switch between the competitors in the match by tapping their health bar in order to have the best back and forth as possible. If the match rating isn’t to your liking, you can always spice things up with a little fire, weaponry, or death-defying dives from ladders.

iOS Wrestling Game, Mobile Wrestling Game, Android Wrestling Game,

Tables, ladders, and chairs, present and accounted for.

g fans have always wanted, but WWE 2k1 won’t give.

If you’re looking to combine the career and ‘franchise’ modes, Wrestling Revolution 3D is the developer’s latest iteration on the formula, adding – you guessed it – 3D Graphics and allowing you choose between a booking career and a wrestling career.

Mobile Wrestling Game, iOS Wrestling Game, Android Wrestling Game,

Appstore / MDickieYou can have multiple rings in Wrestling Revolution 3D

All games feature ‘parodies’ of real-life wrestlers, so you can have any number of dream matches between the Cena-esque Jimmi Sierra and Lesnar-alike Brook Laser. You can also customize everything about wrestlers, from names, to moves, to attire – making all these games capable of being tailored to your liking in a way gamers haven’t seen since WWE No Mercy on the N64.

Booking Revolution appears to feature the most depth, moves, and options, but all versions of the game have a free trial that will let you find out for yourself.

Check them out.

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1 Comment

Conan McPhee

Matt Dickie has been making games single-handedly for many years, weathering all kinds of criticism about his quirky graphics and gameplay but he carried on regardless, bolstered by his own desire to create games and a self-belief that has held him in good stead. My personal favorite is one of his lesser-known titles (and by that I mean it still has over 5 million download on the Google Play store alone) “School Days” – a completely insane sandbox school game where the most bizarre, inappropriate and hilarious things happen every game. But wrestling is obviously very close to his heart, so while his wrestling games maybe lack the polish you’d get with a title from a big corporation with dozens on people working on it, they’re written by a true fan of the sport and for my money they beat the big titles hands down. People have found it easy to mock his sometimes awkward and visually curious efforts but I reckon he’s the best indie developer out there. He didn’t achieve success with a sudden hit title like Scott Cawthon (Five Nights at Freddy’s) or with the backing of a massively successful webcomic artist like Toby Fox (Undertale). No disrespect to those fine people, but Matt did it all with just sheer dogged persistence and well over a decade of very hard work – and it’s great to see him getting some really positive feedback from the gaming press at last!

– A long time MDickie fan

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