Destiny 2 PC Beta: 5 Minutes of The Farm Social Space

Destiny 2

The Farm opened up for the Destiny 2 PC Beta today and we jumped in for a few minutes to see what was going on. The Farm was available for players from 5 p.m. PT until 7 p.m. PT so you only had a small window to join if you planned on participating.

If we’re being completely honest, you didn’t miss much if you didn’t manage to make time. There was a soccer ball to kick around for a little bit but we couldn’t wander around a whole lot outside of the area before the game told us to go back. There was a machine that set off fireworks or flares of some sort and that was about it in terms of things to do. During our brief stay we saw players emote at each other a lot and maneuver their way on top of the buildings in the area.

For purposes of the beta, all of the vendors were locked so we didn’t really have much else to do other than jump around. We figure when the game is actually released this area will be populated with many merchants to buy more gear and to sell off your loot. This could possibly be the first base of operations we see established too especially following the events of the initial single player mission. Whatever the case may be, we expect this place to be bustling with activity come launch time.

One thing we can say is that it’s nice to see some grass and flowing water in Destiny. After taking us to the moon, Venus and other desolate looking planets in Destiny 1, it was a welcome change to see some bright colors. It’s also cool to see the foliage move as you brush into it along with a sunrise and sunset. Those small things really help give the world a little more life.

If you missed The Farm or you just want more of it, the wait is almost over. Destiny 2 releases September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One. For those on the PC, you will have to wait until October 24.