Dragon Quest Builders 2 Announced, Adds Multiplayer

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Square Enix

Dragon Quest Builders 2 has been announced for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

According to Game’s Talk, the game will feature multiplayer with up to four players and the number of blocks that can be stacked in the game can go three times higher. You can also now swim underwater, create waterfalls, jump from high altitudes, and glide using the wind cloak.

The video below from RPG Site shows footage of the game from Publisher Square Enix’s official livestream, demonstrating the multiplayer, swimming, and gliding.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 – Streamed GameplaySquare Enix announced Dragon Quest Builders 2 during a recent stream. Here's the gameplay showing off the new ways to navigate including dashing, swimming, and gliding. They also revealed the cooperative multiplayer. Our website: rpgsite.net/2017-08-06T03:18:38.000Z

A release date hasn’t yet been announced.

The game is the sequel to Dragon Quest Builders released in North America on October 11, 2016 on PS4 and PS Vita, which combined Minecraft’s block building and survival gameplay with Dragon Quest’s beloved art style and characters.

To celebrate the announcement of the sequel, the original Dragon Quest Builders will go on sale in the PSN for 20 percent off for regular players and 40 percent off for PlayStation Plus members.

A sequel to Dragon Quest Builders was teased back in December of 2016. As relayed by PlayStation Lifestyle, Producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto told Game’s Talk that they acknowledged fans’ demand for a sequel.

We really heard a lot from the fans, such as good points, things they want improved, and we really heard a lot of ‘we want you to make a sequel!’ As part of the Dragon Quest series, I want to live up to the fans’ expectations, but what kind of thoughts do you have about that, Niinou-san? (Laughs.)

This was Director Kazuya Niinou’s response:

…There are a lot of things I can’t say unless Fujimoto-san says it, but since we received this selection, I think we have to return the favor with a good game, and I want to work hard to for the time being to live up to your expectations

The original Dragon Quest Builders won the PlayStation Awards 2016 Users’ Choice Awards for being one of the top 10 titles voted by players in Japan and Asia as well as a Gold Prize for shipping more than 500,000 physical and digital copies, according to PlayStation Lifestyle.

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