FFXIV Moonfire Faire Event: How To Get The Moonfire Faire Clothes

Final Fantasy XIVThe Final Fantasy XIV summer event has started and that means there’s a new host of emotes and clothes up for grabs. We’re going to take a look at how to get the Moonfire Faire clothes for this event.

The first thing players have to do is pick up a quest from Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks. If you teleport to the Aftcastle, just head to the center and pick up the initial quest from there. That quest will lead you to the actual event where you turn in the Faire vouchers and accept repeatable quests.

Once you make it here, be sure to pick up The True Meaning of Summer quest. This is the quest you’ll have to complete if you want to obtain the clothes. The quest requires you to gather seven Faire Vouchers so you’ll have to do a few of the repeatable quests or complete some of the nearby FATES to finish this step.

Final Fantasy XIV

Once you do this, turn them in and then you’ll have to run across the area a few times. Eventually you’ll get a part where you have to “peer through the looking glass” to see what Master Gegeruju was trying to see. Here’s a hint: it isn’t the muscular men. You just to zoom in on the four women on the beach and wait for the men to move and you just click on all four of them. Make sure you don’t accidentally click on any of the men or else you’ll have to restart the part.

Once you finish this part, you’ll just have a couple more parts to complete but then you’ll be rewarded with the Moonfire Faire clothes. The clothes can be worn with any class so we recommend putting them on and hanging out by the beach for the duration of this event. This event runs until August 26 so you have time to grab your clothes before then.

FFXIV Moonfire Faire Event: How To Get The Moonfire Faire Clothes

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