Fire Emblem Heroes Voting Gauntlet: 10 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Voting Gauntlets in Fire Emblem Heroes are special events where eight armies represented each by a different hero battle in a tournament for ultimate supremacy. This time the Voting Gauntlet features all eight Summer Heroes, and is running from now until August 7.

Players join one of these eight armies to support and fight against other ones. You can only switch armies if yours loses a round. Fights take place in three on three matches, with one teammate being the leader of your currently selected team (the leftmost one in the team builder), one being the leader of your friends’ main teams, and one being the leader of a random player’s main team. If you win the battle, you can spend Battle Flags to make your vote bigger and raise the overall score of your army. You won’t be able to battle again for 30 minutes. In addition to getting 500 Hero Feathers for every round you win, which you need to raise the rarity of your heroes, you’ll also get Hero Feathers depending on how high you rank in the event.

As there is no easy way to coordinate attacks, especially at such a huge scale, it can be difficult to get ahead in Voting Gauntlets. But it can be done. Here are 10 tips and tricks you need to know whether you want to raise your rank or see your favorite hero make the top spot.

1. Take Advantage of Disadvantages

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According to the official website, you’ll get a bonus multiplier to votes if your army is losing. The multiplier is calculated with the following formula: ((Duration x 0.1) + 3.1). Since rounds last for 45 hours, the multiplier can reach up to 7.5. This makes it the perfect time to cast your vote. Just be sure to do so before the scores between armies gets close as the bonus will disappear.

2. Save Your Battle Flags For Bonuses

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You’ll get Battle Flags as a log-in bonus during the gauntlet and for completing special quests. However, you can’t just spend them all to boost your vote as it’s easy to exhaust them. Even when you’re trailing behind an enemy army, it’s best to wait before the gap becomes bigger so you can get the bonus multiplier. The time to spend flags is during the first couple of hours of rounds as bonus multipliers are common.

3. Strike When the Enemy Is Inactive

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It’s also an opportune time to spend flags when the other team is inactive. That way, they won’t be able to respond to the attack and the multiplier won’t go away if there is one.

4. Pick Popular Heroes If You Want to Win

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Fire Emblem Heroes’ voting gauntlet is essentially a popularity contest. The winners of the past four voting gauntlets have always been heroes with already huge fanbases as they came from either Fire Emblem Awakening or Fire Emblem Fates, the two most popular games in the series. Because they had the backing of all those players, the Voting Gauntlet was a shoe-in for them. If you see a voting gauntlet announced, do some research and see if there are any heroes from those two games. Also look up fanart of the game and see which heroes pop up to get a good gauge of who’s popular.

5. Pick a Struggling Team If You Want Hero Feathers

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If you don’t care about being on the winning side and want to raise your rank as high as you can for more Hero Feathers, then pick a team that isn’t as popular. People in winning teams get a bonus of 500 feathers for every round won. However, people in losing teams have a much better chance of getting multiplier bonuses which means their scores and ranks will rise higher. Better yet, try to pick a team that will struggle but will still win rounds so you can get the best of both worlds.

Thanks to Regolio on Reddit for the tip.

6. You Get a Bonus If You Use The Hero That Matches Your Team’s Hero

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If you select a team that has the hero that matches the hero representing your army, you’ll get a bonus to your voting score. That means that, when in doubt, just select the army that matches the hero you have.

7. Don’t Have The Team Unit as Your Main Leader

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If you have a hero that matches the hero leading your army, don’t have that unit as your main leader.

Your main team is the team that has the little shield icon next to it in the team builder menu. This is also the team that plays for you when people fight you in the Arena. The leftmost hero of that team in the line is your leader will represent you in friends lists.

Your main leader is used as a teammate for your friend’s team or a random person’s team. That means that if they’re using a hero that matches the army’s hero, they could potentially be playing with a team of the same hero! If that happens, they could be creamed if the enemy team has heroes that they’re weak to.

That’s why you should use a different hero for your main leader and make a second team with the unit that matches your army’s unit as the leader (the leftmost unit). Then you can get the bonus while you’re teammate uses a different hero.

8. Pick Heroes That Counter Other Heroes

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Since enemy armies are likely to use the hero that matches the hero that represents their army, you can take advantage of that. If the enemy army is represented by a blue unit, for example, you could pick a green unit for the leader of the team you select for battle. That way, you know you have at least one hero that counters a hero on the enemy team and take some of the risk out of the randomized teammates.

9. Get Friends With Good Leaders

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Because you’ll be using the leaders of your friends’ main teams, it pays to have friends with good leaders. If you go into your friends list from the main menu (by tapping on the black rune on the lower left part), you can tap on each hero to get more details on their stats and skills. Consider removing friends with three star or lower leaders from your list so that you’re more likely to have your other friends’ four or five star heroes on your team. Also keep your list open so you can friend people with powerful leaders if you run into any during Voting Gauntlets or in the Arena.

Oh, and you’ll also get a bonus to your score for every friend you have, up to 10.

10. Always Be Active

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For the best results, play a match every time the cooldown resets (30 minutes after a battle) so you can have more opportunities to vote. This doesn’t mean you have to spend Battle Flags every time you battle. Even spending nothing will let you vote and raise your score. So keep it up because it really adds up.

If you have any helpful hints of your own to share, leave them in the comment section below. May the best hero win!