Here’s Agents of Mayhem’s Length and Mission Number

Agents of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem is the newest game by developer Volition that focuses around players taking control of a group of super powered heroes known as agents. There are 12 in the game, but users can only take three out into the field at any one time.  Players can swap between the three they’ve chosen, allowing for unique synergies and attacks when in combat. However, Agents of Mayhem is largely a single player game with only a very small multiplayer component.

In the base game, there are 57 missions each, 5 bosses, and 9 additional agents for players to unlock via side missions. Along with this, players will have access to Agent Operations which act as quests for either locked or previously unlocked agents, allowing users to further their own story. Agents of Mayhem also features a plethora of small side activities that can anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes to finish. These include taking over Legion Outposts, saving civilians from bombs, foot races, and defeating large death machines.

An average playthrough should take around 40ish hours, however, this can easily be extended if you want to complete every side activity in the game. There are also 15 difficulty settings, which offer up better rewards and experience for those looking for a challenge. Users can also try to level up all of their agents to 20, collect all the Crystal Shards, purchase all the tech, and acquire all the blueprints for new vehicles.

For multiplayer, there is only one mode and it’s more of a co-op experience than anything competitive. Dubbed “Contracts,” players are able to band together in large numbers to finished timed missions that offer a ton of loot if you finish them. While you can tackle these contracts alone, players can team up with others to try and finish them quicker. Some of the possible tasks include killing a high number of enemies, opening a specific amount of chests, or performing specific agent related tasks. Contracts are not required to enjoy Agents of Mayhem, but it does act as a nice way to gain additional money or Upgrade Cores.

If you are looking to pick up Agents of Mayhem then be prepared for a fair amount of content, however, the length of this game will depend on your desire to complete every task or side missions.