How Many Trainers Do you Need to Beat Moltres in ‘Pokemon Go’?

Niantic Moltres

Moltres will only be around a little longer, through August 7, so trainers are trying to beat Moltres in raids and catch as many Legendaries as they can before the Pokemon is gone. Of course, Niantic may very well bring back Moltres at some point, but we have no idea when. So if you’re out there trying to beat Moltres in raids, you’re likely wondering what’s the smallest number of trainers that you can gather together in order to be successful.

Well, it looks like that number is just four to five trainers, according to Pokemon Go players.

UPDATE: In really good circumstances you can beat Moltres with three trainers. One trainer did this with just three other trainers working together, using Golems, and another trainer using Golems and Tyranitars. Joshua Webb reached out to share that his friends were the ones who defeated Moltres with just three trainers. They were all level 39 or 40. He was part of a group of six trainers who worked together at first, and then his three friends broke off into a separate group in the next raid and defeated Moltres alone.

Three trainers’ defeating Moltres is very impressive!


Redditor Diepokemonsters shared that he and four other trainers beat Moltres with just 40 seconds left. How did they do it?

They were all level 30 to 36 and used only Vaporeons to start. The Moltres they were battling had Overheat. The Redditor said he started with three 3,000 CP Vaporeons and then moved on to three 2,550 ones. After that, he returned with a 2,000 CP Kabutops and a 3,000 CP Rhydon.

Here’s a photo he shared of the Moltres he captured after the raid:

Other trainers have noted that Moltres is typically easier to beat than Lugia. Some other successful raids against Moltres, shared by trainers, included:

  • 12 trainers defeating Moltres with 60 percent of the time left
  • 5 trainers using all Rock type Pokemon, such as Golem. Two were level 37, one Level 38, two Level 30.
  • 6 trainers, all Level 32-39, beating Moltres with 130 seconds left. Used Golems, Tyranitars, Vaporeon, but not all powered to their maximum.

What is the smallest number of trainers that you have used to beat Moltres, and how? Let us know in the comments below.

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