Lawbreakers: How to Blind Fire (Shoot Behind You)


There are a lot of different characters, abilities, and mechanics you will need to master if you want to rise in the ranks of Lawbreakers. One of the least talked about maneuvers is blinding firing, which allows almost every character to fire their gun behind them at enemies. This not only allows you to mix up your attacks, but can act as a great defense when fighting off quicker foes like Gunslingers.

In order to blind fire in Lawbreakers, all you need to do is hold down on the D-Pad to initiate this attack. The longer you hold down the D-Pad, the more shots your character will fire behind them, so if you’re getting chased make sure to use this feature. Sadly, you cannot remap this button outside of the presets available for you on PS4. This can make using the blind fire tricky because you’ll need to shift your hands so you can move and hold down the button at the same time.

Doing so will take some practice so it becomes muscle memory, so start up a custom game and try it for a few minutes until you get the hand of this maneuver. It’s also important to note that you will only blind fire with the weapon your right hand, so if you’re a Gunslinger that means your revolver will be the gun used. The assassin class is also incapable of this feature, but given how fast they move this shouldn’t be an issue for players.

The best classes to exploit this mechanic with are the Titan, Enforcer, Vanguard, Harrier, and Juggernaut. One unique class is the Gunslinger who can fire in front and behind him at the same time, so if you’re surrounded this is a good way to surprise opponents. Typically you will want to blind fire down a hall if you are playing a mode like Uplink. Given you will typically be followed when carrying the objective, lead enemies into confined areas and then let them have it. Finally, we recommend for PS4 players to change your Lawbreakers’ controller layout to the “Tactical” setting to ensure that you can use this move easily and without awkward hand movements.