Lawbreakers: How to Get Stash Drops


The world of Lawbreakers is a dangerous one that’s full of angry heroes that want to turn you into nothing but red paste. While all of the character and weapons are unlocked from the very beginning, there is a large handful of cosmetic items for each class you can wear and equip. These range from shaders for your gun, stickers to slap on your weapon, and additional outfits to dress your hero up in. Since each of the 9 classes has two different heroes, you will want to unlock multiple outfits for both the Law and Breakers team.

These items are obtained by either purchasing them via coins or earning them through Stash Boxes, which act like Overwatch’s Loot Box reward system. While you can purchase them with real world money, the only to get these in-game is by leveling up. After each level, you will receive a Stash Box that contains four separate items, with at least two of them typically being at the lowest rarity for items. There is no word on what the drop rate is, however, in my own personal experience it’s been far better than what Overwatch’s was when it first released.

Here are the five rarity tiers for items:

  • Grey – Base
  • Green – Advanced
  • Blue – Superior
  • Purple – Exotic
  • Orange – Boss

You can also earn coins from Stash Boxes which can be used to directly purchase cosmetic items from Customize menu. Players can also obtain coins by obtaining duplicate items, but the amount is completely based on the rarity of the duplicated reward. If you are interested in purchasing Stash Boxes here are the prices:

  •  2 Stash Boxes – $1.99
  • 5 Stash Boxes – $ 4.99
  • 11 Stash Boxes – $9.99
  • 24 Stash Boxes – $19.99
  • 50 Stash Boxes – $39.99

Despite being limited to ranking up, we do have a few suggestions for earning more experience in matches so you can obtain more loot. Make sure to always play the objective as this will earn you a lot of in-game points and try not to go back to the lobby after every round. Players who keep playing will earn a consecutive experience bonus which can help you level up your profile quicker. You will earn more for winning, so try your hardest and aim to always go for the objectives over kills.