Lawbreakers: Is It Coming to Xbox One?

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Lawbreakers is shaping up to be the next big online multiplayer game thanks to its use of gravity (or lack of) and unique momentum building abilities. This FPS (First person shooter)  focuses around players picking from a variety of different characters and competing in objective based game modes. Harkening back to arena shooters of old, Lawbreakers fast paced combat is clearly inspired by classics like Quake and Unreal Tournament. Originally slated to release only on PC, a few months back it was revealed that Lawbreakers will be coming to the PlayStation 4 as well.

However, while there is currently no version of Lawbreakers for an Xbox One, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. In an interview with VentureBeat, Boss Key Studios co-founder Cliff Bleszinski stated that “Anything’s possible.” Chief operating officer Arjan Brussee then went on to explain why this was an impossibility for them at the time.

“We needed to focus.  We can’t do everything at the same time. We’re not Call of Duty, with a five studios and a thousand people. So, yeah, we just focused on PlayStation 4. And PlayStation 4 has a lot of different configurations. It’s almost like mini PCs with different versions, specs, and resolutions. So, already, PlayStation 4 is not just PS4 — it’s Pro as well. It’s not simple.”

Thankfully, this doesn’t rule out an Xbox One version, as Bleszinski took to Facebook a few days ago during the Open Beta, commenting:

“And so it is, and so it shall be – OPEN (FINAL) Beta this weekend for LawBreakers.You can download it now to get going right away on PC/PS4. (Xbox fans, sit tight)”

It’s pretty clear that there will be an Xbox One version of Lawbreakers, however, there has been no official release date or announcement yet. Given how small Lawbreakers‘ development team is, the lack of an Xbox One version at launch isn’t surprising. Being able to allocate enough resources to ensure that the game runs smoothly is incredibly important, especially for an arena style FPS.

Lawbreakers is set to release on August 8 for PlayStation 4 and PC.