Lawbreakers: Top 10 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Lawbreakers is the newest FPS multiplayer shooter to hit the market and it’s bringing some seriously fast paced action with it. Players are able to choose from one of 9 distinct classes, each of which has a variety of different abilities and weapons specific to that class. Where Lawbreakers may throw some people for a loop is how much inspiration is drawn from classic arena shooters like Quake. This makes much of the combat very quick and often chaotic so it can be easy to get lost in a match and end up constantly dying.

Here are 10 tips and tricks to help you claim victory in Lawbreakers:

1. Never Stop Moving


Speed is one of the most important mechanics you’ll need to utilize in Lawbreakers if you want any hope of victory. Every hero has their own way of traversing the map and it’s up to you to not only master yours, but understand the others as well. Characters like the Gunslinger and Assassin can quickly zip around the map, while others like the Enforcer can sprint. You should always be moving in Lawbreakers. Not only will this make you a harder target to hit, but allow you to constantly keep your opponent’s on their toes in open air fights. Learn to move through maps without ever having to pause, as zero gravity areas can easily give you a boost when needed.

2. Learn Three Classes

LawBreakers | Gunslinger Role AnalysisAn expert marksman, the Gunslinger brings precision and elusiveness to the playing field as LawBreakers' resident long range maestro. Whether firing a burst of endless 3D-printed ammunition with the Alpha pistol, or a single, high-damage projectile of compressed energy from the Omega revolver, Abaddon and Faust deploy death at long-range and excel in one-on-one firefights.…2017-07-26T23:08:08.000Z

Despite every class being fairly balanced, you will want to make sure that you have a strong understanding of at least three of them. Having a main is fine, but sometimes that hero will offer nothing to the team and end up causing the group to lose. Try to balance your three choices so they each offer something different, so you are able to quickly adapt to ever changing scenarios. For example, the three Ia personally use are the Gunslinger, Juggernaut, and Battle Medic since each function completely different. Always playing an Assassin will not help anyone since players can swap characters to counter your character’s powers. Understanding three different heroes should be one of your first priorities in Lawbreakers, so do some experimentation to find which ones suit you best.

3. Have a Balanced Team


This tip goes hand in hand with the one above, but always try to have some balance to your team’s composition. A lot of mistakes players make is having an entire roster of nothing but quick moving, low health heroes that can easily be killed if the enemy team focuses their fire. Instead try to have at least one slower, more tank-centric character like a Titan and some support based hero like the Battle Medic. You can always check what your team is using via the symbols at the top of the screen, so try to switch accordingly to balance your squad. It’s okay to have doubles of some characters, but try to not pass this number.

4. Make the Most Out of Your Key Ability

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The Key Ability acts like a mini ultimate move that each class possesses, allowing them a distinct advantage in a fight for a few seconds. Try to not use these unless you know you can guarantee a kill or stop someone from scoring. Panicking and activating a Key Ability in a fight will usually get you killed since many of animations that leave you vulnerable for a second or two. We recommend activating them around the corner and then charging into combat so you aren’t picked off before the fun begins.

5. Play. The. Objective.

As important as killing is in Lawbreakers, you will need to still focus on the objectives if you want to win. All of the game modes revolve around either capturing objectives or obtaining specific items to score/keep away from enemy hands. You will earn more experience for playing the objective, so don’t get greedy and forget to cover a Battery or Blitzball holder. Don’t worry, you’ll still get a ton of kill regardless as many matches end up turning into big Attack/Defend games.

6. Learn The Maps

This is an important aspect of any game, but it’s absolutely necessary for Lawbreakers. Many of the levels have multiple sections that can be accessed via a number of different routes, so knowing all of them will let you catch your foes off-guard. Always be on the lookout for shortcuts, especially on the edges of the map where there are typically small zero gravity pockets for you to rocket in. Map knowledge will not only help you stay alive, but will make you significantly deadlier in gun battles.

7. Don’t Ignore Melee

LawBreakers | Wraith Role AnalysisH.A.N.N.A.H. syncs up with the GRID to provide role analysis of LawBreakers' mobility master and CQC expert, the Wraith. Get info on how to master the skills of both Deadlock and Helix by utilizing their arsenals, learning their time-altering, gravity-defying abilities and more. LawBreakers Discord: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Official Forums:…2017-07-17T16:21:57.000Z

Despite most fights taking place at a distance, there are some battles that take place in smaller confined locations where ranged fighters like the Gunslinger can’t take full advantage of their skills. Instead try giving your foe the boot, as this will not only cause a little knockback but deal a fair amount of damage. It also can be a good alternative to reloading, since you can catch foes off guard if you have a lower firing weapon. Some enemies like the Wraith take full advantage of this, so don’t be afraif to get in close and show them who’s boss.

8. Blind Firing Certain Weapons Gives You Momentum


One trick that a lot of players don’t seem to know is that in zero gravity sections blind firing behind you will actually give you momentum. You can do this with characters like Cronos or Maverick to quickly launch yourself across the map or into the air. This not only gives bigger, typically less mobile heroes a way to keep up with nimble foes, but can serve as a great way to surprise your opponents in a fight. Not only can you do this facing any direction in a zero gravity area, but it will still fire the rocket and maybe kill someone behind you.

9. Group Up


Another issue that seems to be plaguing Lawbreakers is that teammates never seem to group up and push an objective together. It’s very rare someone is good enough to take a point all by themselves, so instead just wait up for the rest of your team to spawn before attacking. This will not only give a better chance in the future team fight, but help you secure more objectives from your foes. Unless you are chasing someone who is trying to plant a battery or score in Blitzball, wait up for at least one other person before attacking.

10. Change Your Button Layout

This tip is only for the PS4 users, but we highly advise changing your button layout to the Tactical setting. This is mainly because Blind Firing is mapped to down on the D-Pad by default which is just extremely awkward and poorly placed. Instead, we recommend moving to the Tactical setting where this mechanic is located on the L1 button and your third ability is moved to L3. This will make using the controller less awkward and help you increase your DPS and movement capabilities in Lawbreakers.