LIVE STREAM: The International 2017 Grand Final Image courtesy of Dota 2 official blog

The final day of the International 2017 is upon us. First LGD.Forever Young will face Team Liquid in the Lower Bracket Finals. The winner moves on to face Newbee in the Grand Final. You can watch all of the action right here;

Main Stream

Newcomer Stream

In today’s first match I like Team Liquid. After yesterday I think Liquid are on a huge upswing, if they can take game one I’m confidant they can with this series. I’m not trying to discount LGD.Forever Young, they did look great yesterday in their win over Newbee. My issue with LFY is that they could be just as vulnerable to a cheese draft like LGD-Gaming were yesterday. It’s possible that LGD picked Oracle because they saw Huskar coming; but I doubt they expected Broodmother. Liquid showed a versatility yesterday that I don’t think LFY can prepare for.

The winner of the Lower Bracket Finals will face Newbee. Newbee have played really well in the Upper Bracket and just like Liquid I believe their play has improved over each day. Newbee have shown the save versatility in the draft phase as Team Liquid. There is one very simple thing Newbee’s opponents have to at least consider, (I think this is essential but who am I to tell them what to do) ban Earth Spirit. It’s a mistake to leave Earth Spirit up to be picked, just ban it. Drafting around your opponents when they have that pick is annoying and only marginally effective at best. Earth Spirit has been apart of some of the most impressive plays at TI7, theres no reason not to ban that hero. No matter who Newbee face I think they should be favored and it would be amazing to see a team win a second International. I want the undersea map back.