LIVE STREAM: The International 2017 Main Event, Day 3 Courtesy Dota 2 facebook page.

The Main Event of the International 2017 continues today! Today begins with Lower Bracket action, TNC Pro Team take on OG Dota 2. Next LGD-Gaming face Digital Chaos. Both series are best-of-three elimination matches. Once both Lower Bracket series have concluded Upper Bracket action begins. First Invictus Gaming take on Newbee and after that LGD.Forever Young face Virtus.Pro. You can catch all of today’s action right here;

Main Stream

Newcomer Stream

I expect to finally say goodbye to TNC Pro Team today. OG should win that series 2-0. OG are playing significantly better than TNC and drafting better to boot. LGD vs DC could be a more competitive series but only if LGD have shaken off what happened yesterday. If LGD-Gaming can do that they can take this series 2-1. If they can’t move on from their performance against VP then DC will take this series, 2-1 or possibly 2-0 depending on how tilted LGD are today. The first Upper Bracket series is a pick-em for me. Newbee looked a lot more dominant but Evil Geniuses played significantly worse than Team Liquid. Against Invictus Gaming Newbee won’t be gifted any favors in the draft. While I’m not entirely sure who wins I do think this series will go to 3 games. Next up is LGD.Forever Young against Virtus.Pro. I like Virtus.Pro in this series but it’ll probably be a 2-1. VP looked fantastic yesterday against LGD-Gaming and I expect them to keep rolling today. VP also seem to have a handle on the draft phase, they picked Crystal Maiden with no fear yesterday. I don’t think sweeping TNC Pro will have LGD.FY prepared for a team like VP. After today the Main Event gets really interesting, we’re closer to the end of the Winner’s Bracket and a significant number of teams have been eliminated from the Lower Bracket. Go Virtus.Pro!