Madden 18 Ratings: Top 10 Best Players

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Getty Tom Brady is one of three players tied for the highest Madden 18 rating.

The Madden 18 release date is just around the corner. Fans can order the G.O.A.T. edition which includes early access to the game on August 22. Madden 18 will be released nationwide on August 25. With the Madden release around the corner, let’s take a look at the top rated players in Madden 18.

With two players tied for tenth, six offensive and five defensive players make this year’s top ten list. It is important to remember EA Sports constantly updates the ratings throughout the season. This is where the players will start, but it does not mean players further down the list cannot move up the rankings.

The following ratings are according to Sporting News contributor Bryan Wiedey. Click here to see Wiedey’s spread sheet with the entire list of player ratings and attributes.

Here’s a look at the top ten Madden 18 players.

No. 1 Tom Brady, New England Patriots QB (99)

tom brady, madden 18, rating, highest, top best

GettyTom Brady is the top rated quarterback in Madden 18.

Brady will not give you the fun option of playing with a dual-threat quarterback with a speed rating of 62. He makes up for it with a 99 awareness rating along with 94 accuracy. Brady along with Von Miller and Aaron Donald are tied for the highest rated player in Madden 18 with a 99 overall rating. Brady may have just turned 40, but he stands alone as the top offensive player in Madden 18.

No. 2 Von Miller, Denver Broncos LB (99)

von miller, madden 18 rating, top best, highest

GettyVon Miller joins Tom Brady and Aaron Donald as the highest rated Madden 18 players.

Miller and Donald share the honor of top rated defensive player this year. Miller is helped by a 92 awareness and 94 tackle. His 87 speed and 89 acceleration make Miller one of the best players in Madden (and in real life) to get to the quarterback.

No. 3 Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams DT (99)

aaron donald, madden 18, rating, top best players, highest

Aaron Donald gives players flexibility on the defensive line.

Donald is a physical freak and his Madden rating reflects that. Donald is a versatile defender that can play defensive tackle or bounce outside to set the edge. His 94 strength, 90 acceleration and 90 awareness are a big reason for his 99 rating. While most Madden enthusiasts prefer playing offense, Donald is one of several defensive players who are fun to control.

No. 4 Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons WR (99)

julio jones, madden 18 ratings, top best highest players

GettyJulio Jones displaying his amazing catch radius during the Super Bowl.

Several receivers could make an argument to be the top-rated wide receiver, Jones getting the nod will be met with little criticism. Jones is the most physically gifted receiver in the league with his size and ability to high-point the football. At 6’3″, Jones’ speed makes it unfair for defensive backs. Gamers can take advantage of Jones’ 94 speed to blow past defenders when playing with the Falcons, or making Jones the centerpiece of your team in franchise mode.

No. 5 Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers QB (98)

aaron rodgers, madden 18, top highest best players

GettyAaron Rodgers is the second rated quarterback in Madden 18.

Rodgers comes in just one point behind Brady, but his longevity gives him the nod for those conducting a fantasy draft in the franchise mode. His 97 awareness and 97 throw power help explain his high rating. Rodgers also gives you mobility at quarterback with a 79 speed rating, not to mention his awesome touchdown dance.

No. 6 Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers LB (98)

luke kuchely, madden 18 ratings, top best highest players

GettyLuke Kuechly lands in the Madden 18 top ten despite concussion concerns.

Kuechly may have ended the season with injury concerns, but it did not impact his Madden rating. Kuechly’s best attributes are his 96 awareness, 89 acceleration and 86 speed. Before suffering a devastating concussion, Kuechly had 71 tackles in 10 games last season.

No. 7 Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots TE (98)

rob gronk gronkowski, madden 18 ratings, top best highest

GettyRob Gronkowski is rated highly above any other tight end.

Gronk is far and away the top rated tight end. One word of caution, Gronkowski’s 77 injury rating is much lower than any of the other players in the top ten. What Gronk does do is put you at a position of strength at the tight end position where it can be difficult to find difference makers. Most of Gronkowski’s ratings are off the charts, including his 95 catching, 93 awareness and 88 acceleration.

No. 8 J.J. Watt, Houston Texans DE (98)

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GettyJ.J. Watt missed most of 2016, but remains as one of the top ten rated Madden players

Despite playing just three games last season, Watt is still one of the highest rated Madden players. Watt traditionally has been the best defensive end for users looking to get to the quarterback. Watt’s 97 strength makes him one of the strongest players in Madden 18. His 88 awareness combined with 83 acceleration also explain his overall 98 rating.

No. 9 Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers WR (97)

julio jones, madden 18 ratings, rankings, top best highest

GettyAntonio Brown trails only Julio Jones in the Madden 18 receiver rankings.

Brown may have angered some Steelers fans with his Facebook Live locker room video, but Brown comes in with a 97 rating. Brown is the second ranked receiver behind only Jones. Brown has ratings in the 90’s in at least five key categories for receivers. His 98 agility, 98 catching, 98 awareness 93 acceleration and 92 speed ratings make him one of the best receivers in Madden 18.

No. 10 (Tied) Khalil Mack, Oakland Raiders LB (97)

khalil mack, madden 18 ratings, top best highest

Khalil Mack can play both linebackers and defensive end.

It is no surprise arguably the best linebacker in football makes Madden’s list of top players. Mack has a 94 awareness, 89 acceleration, 88 agility and 87 speed which makes him a true force in Madden 18. Mack can line up in coverage or put his hand in the dirt as a defensive end. The Raiders may be one of the most fun teams to play as in this year’s game with the steps the team took last season to improve.

No. 10 (Tied) Le’Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers RB (97)

leveon bell, madden 18 ratings, top best highest

GettyLe’Veon Bell is the top rated running back.

Bell is the only running back to make the list of top players. He is a full three points higher than the next running back, David Johnson. Bell has a 95 agility, 93 acceleration, 92 carrying, 91 awareness and 90 speed. This gives Bell a considerable advantage over the rest of the running backs in Madden 18.