VR Mission: The Real Metal Gear Solid Mobile

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VR Mission is an Android and iOS game that provides all the thrills of Metal Gear Solid.

Metal Gear Solid is one of the most influential games of all time; from innovative storytelling to genre-creating stealth-action gameplay, its legacy is felt to very this day in games like Splinter Cell, Styxx: Master of Shadows, and even the Assassin’s Creed series.

Metal Gear Solid games have appeared on just about every gaming platform imaginable – from the original NES, to the original Gameboy to the Xbox One and Pachinko Machines.

But what about phones? Surely gamers on the go could do with some bite-sized stealth-action gameplay. Alas there is no official Metal Gear Solid mobile spin-off – in America at least.

VR Mission

Which brings us to VR Mission and its sequel, VR Mission: EXT. It looks quite a lot like Metal Gear Solid, doesn’t it? From the techno-future gear, to the main character Viper, to the overall visual aesthetic, VR Mission is more than happy to build its reputation and player base on the back of the Metal Gear Solid series – making it basically a mobile Metal Gear Solid cover band.

And you know what? VR Mission and VR Mission: EXT are darn good covers. Stealth camouflage, C4, crazy boss fights, the gang’s all here as they say. Heck, they even have a version of the Cyborg Ninja – with Raiden hair and all.

Like Metal Gear Solid, a typical mission will find you tasked with multiple objectives – hack a computer, steal a cache of cash, don’t kill anyone, and so on. To do this you’ll rely on familiar Metal Gear Solid tactics like distraction, silent assassination, stealth, and the occasional bazooka shot to the dome. Success means cash which means buying upgrades and having an easier go of it in the next mission. The missions are all bite-sized, the story content minimal, and the gameplay solid (though it will take some time to get used to the knife attack).

VR Mission EXT – Universal – HD Gameplay TrailerVR Mission EXT by Sphinx Entertainment The Most Anticipated VR Mission Sequel Is Here At A Launch Price Of Only $0.99! The Untold Stories During VR Mission Unfolds Here! During a top classified secret stealth mission, 3 agents were sent to the deep of the enemy's base. A young agent at his prime, an experienced…2012-08-02T20:44:33.000Z

It’s odd that the VR Mission games never really ‘caught on’; in fact releasing prior to Metal Gear Solid V. but popularity does not denote quality. The free-to-play VR Mission is a must-try for fans of Hideo Kojima’s epic, and fans of quality gaming at large.

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