No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again: Everything We Know

No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again


Today’s Nindies Showcase 2017 gave us an overload of indie content coming to the Nintendo Switch. The last game announced was No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again and it was saved for last because the news would melt our face off. That’s really what was said.

No More Heroes was released on the Wii about a decade ago as an action-adventure hack and slash game. A sequel to the title called No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle released in 2010, also for the Wii. Since the release of that title, the series has remained dormant.

A third game in the series was announced today and outside of a short trailer, we don’t really have much else to go off. Here’s the description of the game that was given to us.

Seven years have passed since the events of No More Heroes, and The Bad is determined to exact his revenge on Travis Touchdown. Just like the original cult classic, players will have to battle through multiple punk-rock levels and defeat over-the-top bosses. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch in 2018. More details about the game

While it’s good that the Nintendo Switch is receiving exclusive titles, we certainly would like to know more about the title since it has been touted as one of the heavy hitters of the indie lineup. The trailer doesn’t show off gameplay so we don’t exactly know how the game will play. We know we will still defeat over-the-top bosses and the sort but what exactly will the game look like?

All we know is the player will be controlling Travis through six indie games developed by six indie developers. That could mean we could be essentially playing six different games developed by six different developers and it’s all jam-packed into one title. It’s hard to say for certain whether we will be getting traditional No More Heroes gameplay or the gameplay of said indies. The game is being developed using Unreal Engine 4 so we’re probably looking at the same gameplay but it’s tough to say for certain. We can confirm that Shovel Knight and Hotline Miami are two of the indies No More Heroes is collaborating with.

Whatever the case may be, we’re still excited for the game to come to the Nintendo Switch. Make sure to check out trailer below. No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again is currently slated for a 2018 release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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