Overwatch Summer Games 2017: Every New Skin Available

Overwatch, Genji


The Overwatch Summer Games 2017 is officially underway and it comes with a whole host of new cosmetics for players to show off. Presenting 40+ new items for users to obtain, the Overwatch Summer Games 2017 also brings back the popular brawl Lucioball. However, since this event already happened in 2016, Blizzard has confirmed that players can obtain last year’s Summer Games skins as well.

These will be at a heavily discounted rated, with their prices falling in line with the base game skin costs. So a legendary skin that used to cost 3,000 will now cost 1,000 coins during the event. This discount is only applied to last year’s skins, as the 2017 cosmetics will be their normal event price. Credit to Reddit user MrVito00 for showing these off.

Here are all of the Overwatch Summer Games 2017 skins:

Soldier: 76 – Grillmaster: 76

Soldier 76 Overwatch


Sombra – Tulum



Reaper – Biker

Reaper Overwatch



Mercy – Winged Victory

Mercy Overwatch


Widowmaker – Cote D’azur



McCree – Lifeguard

McCree Overwatch


Junkrat – Cricket

Junkrat, Overwatch


In addition to the various skins, Lucioball has also received a number of changes as well. Mechanically, players can no longer boop enemies, eliminating the possibility of forcing a user away from the goal. Lucio’s Sound Barrier has also been changed, as it will not longer pull the ball towards you like it did in 2016. This is to stop people from running into the goal, popping their ultimate, and instantly scoring a goal. Now when it’s activated, Lucio will speed up and can quickly traverse across the field.

Additionally, Lucioball will be receiving a competitive mode that allows players to earn Competitive Points like they would for normal matches. If you complete your 10 placement matches then you’ll earn a spray and for those that make it to Top 500 earn an additional spray. This additional version of Lucioball is a great way for people to farm Competitive Point for golden gun skins. Given normal matches can take upwards of a half hour, grinding Lucioball competitive matches is absolutely the best way to obtain a golden gun skin.

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