Overwatch Summer Games 2017 Has Twitter Going Crazy

The Overwatch Summer Games 2017 is officially underway and people are going crazy over it on social media.

The special event for the game is currently trending on Twitter with about 12,400 tweets written about it. It’s not surprising since we have brand new swimsuit-clad skins for Overwatch heroes, and putting anything in a swimsuit is guaranteed to make something popular. In other news, Soldier 76 is even more dad-like than before and Reaper wears his edginess on his sleeve (well actually his leg).

Witness all the chaos below.




The Summer Games event has 40+ new items to obtain as well as the popular brawl Lucioball. You can also buy last year’s Summer Games skins at a discount from 3,000 coins to 1,000. The 2017 skins will be at the regular event price.

Lucioball is receiving changes including the inability to boop enemies, and Lucio’s ultimate changed to make him speed up significantly. There is also a competitive ranked mode added to the brawl. Playing the first 10 placement matches will earn you a spray with the top 500 players earning another spray. You can also earn Competitive Points by playing Lucioball for unlocking golden guns.

Unfortunately, the game has been plagued with a number of issues since the beginning of the Summer Games. Problems include not being able to log in, games disconnecting, and failing to find matches. Most notable is an issue in which players were stuck at the title screen with a queue of upwards of 300,000 people. People are also struggling to join Lucioball games.


Currently, Blizzard are still working on resolving the login issue and Lucioball connection problems. A timeframe hasn’t been given.

While you’re waiting for the game to be fixed, you can always stare at the summer skins for the billionth time.