Overwatch World Cup Tops 100K Viewers as South Korea Destroys Austria

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Getty No Orisa yet, but unconventional heroes are popping up at Overwatch World Cup qualifiers.

The Overwatch World Cup continued it’s qualifiers on Friday, and thousands tuned in to see the tournament favorite. South Korea, the defending champions, made quick work of Austria as the masses watched.

For a brief time on Friday, Overwatch was the number one game being viewed on Twitch. Overwatch is consistently one of the more popular games on the streaming platform, but is regularly outperformed by League of Legends and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds.

Against the Austrians, South Korea looked very much like the team to beat. SK was dominant from the start, and to make things more impressive, they played as whoever they wanted. Take a look at SK stuffing Austria on King’s Landing:


To all the people complaining about hero choices in Overwatch: South Korea is proving that if your team communicates, and plays their role properly, there is no right or wrong hero choice. That’s a Junkrat in there dominating Austria.

All four matches on the first day were 4-0 sweeps, but South Korea left the biggest mark on viewers.

Teams across the globe are competing in the Overwatch World Cup, which whittles it’s way down to sixteen teams by November. The remaining qualifiers compete at Blizzcon, the gaming company’s annual convention. South Korea swept the inaugural World Cup finals, taking home bragging rights and $18,000 in prize money.

This stage of the World Cup is being held in Katowice, and features eight teams from North America, Asia and Europe. In addition to South Korea, Netherlands, Canada and Russia all recorded 4-0 victories on Day 1. South Korea will look to continue their dominance Saturday against Poland.