PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’s, A Guide For Squads

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PlayerUnkown’s Battlegounds is one of the toughest survival games out right now. Here’s a guide to get that elusive chicken dinner when your in a Squad;

A Whole New World, Lobby Island and the Plane

Every round of PUBG begins the same, Lobby Island until you hit the maximum amount of players then you’re in the plane. This time is vital for you and your squad to make a few key decisions. As soon as everyone’s in the plane your should open the map; then you all need to decide together where you’re going to land. Follow the general route of the plane.

If everyone on your team can glide that means the range of places you can safely get to is super extended. Gliding is when you simply move using W while falling to fall in a certain direction. If you’re falling to fast it’ll be hard to make it very far while gliding. If you see any buildings with rooftop access try to land on the roof, you should be closer to loot that way.

Above all else remember to land quickly, there are probably other people landing near you and the faster you can get to a weapon the better.

Smash and Grab, Your First Steps on the Ground

The first thing you should to upon landing is check to see if anyone not on your squad landed around you. Fist fights can be absolutely brutal so if you can get a weapon quickly you should do it.

Always loot quickly and don’t waste inventory space. It’s always a possibility you can’t get a backpack so don’t bother with weapon mods or a gas canister. The only weapon mods you should pick up 100% are scopes.

Don’t get picky with weapons, take what you can get. It’s more important that everyone on your squad has something than you having everything you want.

Squad on the Run, or Happy Campers

Legitimate strategyFunny clip from RedvsBlue episode 39 best laid plans2006-10-31T04:08:20.000Z
At a certain point most areas you can drop in will run out of loot. If your squad decided to land somewhere bountiful like the Military Base or Georgopol then it’s time to move when everyone has adequate loot. Sometimes you’ll be lucky enough to land somewhere inside initial blue circle then it’s important to gauge your squad’s options together. IF everyone has enough loot you can always sit tight and cover exits until the next circle. If some members of the squad need more loot then it’s as easy as checking nearby buildings.

Remember that once you start moving toward the circle there’s always a chance that other teams are around, always have your squadmate’s checking different directions.

If the first safe zone is too far away it’s important to try and find a vehicle to make life easier for the whole squad. The UAZ and the Dacia are the only two vehicles that can carry your whole squad so prioritize those.

So Your Getting Shot At, the four F’s of combat

#7. "There was a Fire Fight!"'s #7 Best Gun Fight in Movie History.2010-04-30T03:41:50.000Z
Most people will have better aim than the above video. It’s important to try and take time to get used to firing all the guns in PUBG. While you’ll probably rarely see most of them, you never know what you’ll be using in any given round. Once you you start getting shot at the first thing you need to do is identify where you’re being shot from. Use the compass on your HUD to let your squadmates know where the gunshots are coming from. This is finding your enemy. Once you know where they are Fix them in place. Have at least one member of the squad pin your enemy down while the others Flank around. Then Finish them off.

Chances are your typical firefight will not be that pretty. If one squadmember goes down quickly you should still try and follow the Four F’s. Using rocks and tree’s as cover should come as second nature but it helps to remind people about that. Once the fighting is over you should always try to loot the crate’s of everyone that died. The most important thing you can do is replace any damaged Helmets or Body Armor.

The Final Countdown, Earning Your Chicken Dinner

At this point you should probably find yourself among the last 20 or so people alive. The blue circle is lethal at this point, do not stay outside of it if you don’t have to. You don’t necessarily need to finish off At this stage its important not to reveal your position unless you’re certain you can kill an enemy or if you’re being shot at. Remember that a great many games of PUBG have been one by one squad blindly stumbling into another. It’s alright if you or your whole squad didn’t make it this far. It’ll be difficult to function as a squad even if you know each of your teammates personally. Winning as a Squad takes a lot more practice (and luck) than just winning solo. If you did die and your squad didn’t get wiped out try to be nice and spectate your squadmates. It’s a fun way to learn something and if they did manage to pick up a win you’re still with them.

That’s all I have for now, the Gamescom PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Invitational begins on the 22nd of August and you can catch all the action right here at Heavy!

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