‘Pokemon Go’ Moltres: Max CP & Stats


Wondering what the stats and max CP are for Legendary Moltres? He won’t be around much longer, so it’s best to really focus on catching him now. Here’s the information that will be helpful to you.

Here are the max CP stats for a Moltres that you might catch after a Legendary Raid battle, according to stats gathered by Redditor DontheFirst and GamePress:

  • Max CP at Level 20: 1870
  • Max CP at Level 30: 2805
  • Max CP at Level 39: 3225
    Max CP: 3272, with Attack 251, Defense 184, Stamina 180, DEF x STA 33120

Moltres only has one quick move: Fire Spin. It’s also the best offensive quick move for Fire-type Pokemon.

Moltres’ best charge move is Overheat, with shorter animation and higher base power than Fire Blast. Heat Wave for Moltres isn’t really worth much, according to GamePress.

Moltres’ Legacy Quick Move is Ember, and the Legacy Charge Move is Flamethrower.

Because Moltres is a fire type that can fly rather than being pure fire, he has an advantage against grass type Pokemon, but less of an advantage against ice types. He’s worth powering up to fight grass types, but may not be as worthwhile as Zapdos will be. However, being a Legendary, he’s one of the best attackers in the game, so worth investing in.

What do you think? Are you going to power up your Moltres? Let us know in the comments below.

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