Pokemon Go: How Much Longer Will Moltres Remain in Raid Battles?

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Niantic Moltres is now available in Pokemon Go.

Moltres is currently spawning in Raid Battles in Pokemon Go, but it won’t be around for much longer. So when precisely will the legendary Pokemon stop spawning? How many days are left during which players can capture one?

Niantic has announced that Moltres will be available until Monday, August 7th. However, if last week was any indication, Moltres will likely remain in gyms for almost all of Monday, and so it’s only on Tuesday that the legendary bird will truly disappear.

After all, last week we got a taste of how Niantic plans to swap legendary birds out for one another, with Moltres replacing Articuno. A lot of fans assumed that Articuno would disappear precisely at midnight on July 31st, with Moltres showing up as soon as Raid Battles opened in the morning.

But what actually happened was that Articuno was available for virtually the entire day. Moltres did not show up for the first time until 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time, but only in one single location; it slowly began to expand so that it was out in more places by 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Even when Moltres first launched, though, it appeared alongside Articuno, and it was only later that one fully replaced the other.

It’s possible Niantic will approach things differently this time around. But assuming they follow the same schedule as they did previously, you can expect Moltres to remain in gyms for basically all of Monday, with Zapdos joining it at some point in the afternoon. By the time Raid Battles open on Tuesday morning, Moltres will be gone, and so if you haven’t caught one by Monday, that’s your final chance.

Nobody really knows when these legendary birds will show up again, but it’s possible that Niantic will release them following the next major event. After all, the way that the legendaries launched this time was that players were encouraged to participate in Pokemon Go Fest, and the team that caught the most Pokemon would have its bird released first. Meanwhile, Lugia also appeared after Pokemon Go Fest, and there is currently no sign that it will be disappearing anytime soon.

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