Pokemon Go: Which Cities Have ‘Unusual Pokemon Sightings’?

Niantic Pokemon Go is available for iOS and Android devices.

Niantic has announced that over the next few weeks, certain cities in Europe will have “unusual Pokemon sightings.” So what exactly does Niantic mean by “unusual Pokemon sightings,” and what cities will this apply to?

These unusual Pokemon sightings will be a combination of rare Pokemon like Unown and regional Pokemon that are not usually available in a given location. For example, Niantic has confirmed that those in select European cities will be able to catch Kangaskhan, even though Kangaskhan is normally exclusive to Australasia. It’s unclear what other Pokemon will spawn, but presumably it will be more than these two, as Niantic says that “some Pokémon rarely seen in Europe, including Kangaskhan and Unown, may begin appearing in certain European cities.”

Here’s the list of cities where there will be unusual Pokemon spawns:

  • Vienna, Austria
    Prague, Czech Republic
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Helsinki, Finland
    Dijon, France
    Lille, France
    Lyon, France
    Marseille, France
    Nice, France
    Paris, France
    Rennes, France
    Berlin, Germany
    Bochum, Germany
    Gera, Germany
    Leipzig, Germany
    Mönchengladbach, Germany
    Munich, Germany
    Oberhausen, Germany
    Recklinghausen, Germany
    Milan, Italy
    Naples, Italy
    Rome, Italy
    Oslo, Norway
    Warsaw, Poland
    Lisbon, Portugal
    Bratislava, Slovakia
    Badajoz, Spain
    Barcelona, Spain
    Cádiz, Spain
    Madrid, Spain
    Sevilla, Spain
    San Sebastián, Spain
    Valencia, Spain
    Valladolid, Spain
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Zürich, Switzerland
    Almere, The Netherlands
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Leidschendam, The Netherlands
    Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
    Belfast, United Kingdom
    Birmingham, United Kingdom
    Cardiff, United Kingdom
    Glasgow, United Kingdom
    London, United Kingdom
    Manchester, United Kingdom

Players in these cities are encouraged to stop by Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers; Niantic says that Lure Modules will be activated at many of these locations on the weekends of August 12th and August 19th. Niantic had previously announced a partnership with Unibail-Rodamco back in February, which explains the focus on these shoppings centers.

Originally, the plan was to hold a series of events in Europe this month called Safari Zone events. The idea here was that players could visit select Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers and have the opportunity to catch all of the regional Pokemon not normally available in Europe. But following the disaster that was Pokemon Go Fest, Niantic decided to postpone the Safari Zone events until the fall. For now, these “unusual Pokemon sightings” will serve as something of a replacement.

Immediately after Niantic made the announcement of which cities would have unusual Pokemon sightings, players began to complain about particular locations being left off the list. In particular, there’s nothing for those in Belgium, Hungary, Romania, and Ireland.

The Pokemon Go Europe event begins this weekend and lasts all the way until Monday, August 21st.