September Xbox Game Pass Update Includes Two Must-Play games and a New Release

Metro: Last Light Redux / 4A Games

Xbox Game Pass is a wonderful service. For 9.99 a month you get a quality selection of Xbox One and Xbox360 games that can keep you busy for weeks.

Each month, new games are added to the service, and so far no games have been removed. August saw Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3 and indie darling Limbo added to the program, and the month of September looks to build on that steam by adding two must-play games to the service.

The ‘big’ title this month is Metro: Last Light Redux. A remaster of the Xbox 360 title Metro: Last Light that features better graphics and more features. Metro is best known for it’s quality gameplay and overwhelming sense of atmosphere and world-building. Traversing subway tunnels and abandoned buildings while struggling to stay alive and oxygenated (the atmosphere is toxic) provides a heart-pounding gameplay loop that landed the title on many ‘best of’ lists at the time of its original release. It is a must-play, especially for 9.99.

Fable II, Xbox Game Pass September

Face monsters big and small in Fable II

On the Xbox 360 front, Fable II comes to Game Pass. Earning insane critical praise – including a 10/10 from Eurogamer, Fable II is an action RPG that is equal parts exciting, heart-warming, and thoughtful. It feels like the best parts of Monty Python combined with a bit of The Witcher. Tasked with saving your kingdom, how you choose to go about it will effect how people react to you, but also how the world around you grows or wilts.

The newly released ReCore: Definitive is already live on the service. Bundling together DLC and adding in new content, ReCore was initially met with lukewarm reviews, so perhaps making the game part of Xbox Game Pass, and adding in oodles of content, will help players warm to the game.

If you’re completed those games, and are wondering what else there is to play this month, you’re in luck. The highly rated puzzle-platformer ‘Hue’, 10 Second Ninja X, and mind-bending puzzler The Bridge (which is really good), all arrive in September.

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