Six!: Top 5 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Six! Game Play – GramGamessubscribe : app store :!/id1137673647?mt=8 Six! is the latest title from Gram Games, makers of the global smash hits, 1010! and Merged!. This newest game is challenging, exciting, and even infuriating, at times. Like all great puzzles, Six! will keep you entertained for just a moment, or will keep you engaged for hours…2016-08-27T17:31:05.000Z

Here are the top five tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Six!

1. Don’t Worry About Going in Order

Six Game

Gram Games

• We know, we know, it’s hard. Every part of you wants to tap the blocks in order and make them disappear cleanly, evenly. But as it turns out, that actually doesn’t help you here. Think more strategically. If clearing lower blocks first will help you to balance the hexagon in the long run, then go for those. It doesn’t matter how nice your tower looks if your hexagon goes tumbling off. Plus, if you’re in a tight spot but you’re coming up on a star, you can clear blocks as low as you can to clear the checkpoint. And, what’s even better, even if you end up falling off, every block you destroy will get you another five points.

2. Multi-Tap

• Technically, Six! gameplay only allows you to clear one piece at a time. However, if you move fast enough, you can manage to clear multiple pieces before the hexagon touches down. Think strategically – you should use this to make sure that the hexagon falls onto an even surface, rather than one that will cause it to fall off.

3. Keep it Even

• The most important element of Six! is balance. And the easiest way of maintaining balance is by doing your best to keep your hexagon on an even surface. Look at the pieces and think about what order you can destroy them in to most effectively keep the tower even. This can play into the Multi-tap tip – destroying multiple blocks at a time is the easiest way to maintain an even surface.

4. Don’t Give Up

• Okay, so your hexagon tips and falls to the edge of the screen. It looks like it’s about to fall off – it’s nearly tottering. But don’t give up. Often, there is a way to throw off the balance of the piece in the other direction, and send it back into the center. Simply try to destroy pieces in a way that will keep the precarious block as stable as possible, and when you see the moment for correction, go for it.

5. A (Not So Secret) Cheat

Six Game

Gram Games

• So you’re competitive. That’s cool. We have a solution for that. As you start out a new round of Six!, you’ll see a little icon next to the start button with a number value on it. Tap that, and you’ll have to watch a short ad, but once you have that number of points will be added to your score. Easiest high score ever, right?

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