How to Use Level Select in Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania is here and it’s a clear callback to the blur blur’s day of old as it ditches the 3D style of most games today and returns to the iconic 2D format that made Sonic famous like he is today. The old 16-bit graphics have returned along with familiar zones such as the Green Hill Zone and we definitely can’t forget the old school music. If you’re a Sonic fan, this is pretty much a must buy for you.

You may notice that there isn’t a way to jump to specific zones you want to play in Sonic Mania but instead you have to play across multiple save files. All of this can be remedied by inputting a simple code that will take you to a special screen that allows you to choose from all the stages. Right now, the only code we can confirm with certainty that works is the Nintendo Switch one, mainly because that’s the platform I own Sonic Mania on.

Sonic Mania

Here’s what you’ll have to do to unlock the level select in Sonic Mania:

Nintendo Switch: At the main menu, hold down B and Y and wait for the game to back up into the title screen. Once it does this, while still holding B and Y, press the + button and you’ll be taken to the level select screen.

PS4: We’ll update this when it is figured out.

Xbox One: We’ll update this when it is figured out.

PC: We’ll update this when it is figured out.

We’ve seen a lot of different methods floating around such as inputting the “Konami code” but we can confirm that you don’t need to go through that much work to get to this screen. If you feel like doing it though, it will still work and you’ll feel a whole lot cooler doing it.

Sonic Mania is out now on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The PC version of the game has been delayed two weeks until August 29 for extra optimization.

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