Report: Splatoon 2 Datamine Reveals New Weapons, Stages, & More

splatoon 2 bubble blower, splatoon 2 specials, splatoon 2 special weapons


Splatoon 2 has been datamined, revealing new weapons, stages, and more coming to the game in future updates.

Reddit user OatmealDome relayed the information, which has been dug up by a group known as Wii Sports team.

It’s important to note that we cannot 100 percent verify this information as it came from anonymous users. Also, this article contains spoilers to future content coming to Splatoon 2.

First and foremost, there is a brand new type of weapon coming called the Squeezer which resembles a champagne bottle. The team also found the dialogue of the weapon shop owner, Sheldon, explaining how the weapon works.

The Squeezer main is a new type of semi-auto shooter where one trigger pull equals one ink shot! Holding down [ZR] won’t provide a steady stream of ink, but spamming the trigger will give you rapid fire with a damage output you’ll dig!

splatoon 2 squeezer, splatoon 2, splatoon 2 new weapon

NintendoThe Squeezer

There are two types so far: the Squeezer and the Foil Squeezer. The two weapons appear to be the same stat wise but the regular Squeezer has the Splash Wall sub weapon and the Sting Ray special weapon while the Foil Squeezer has the Splat Bombs sub weapon and the Bubble Blower special weapon.

New weapons for Blaster, Charger, and Brella weapon types are coming and are going to be branded by Grizzco, the corporation you work for in Salmon Run.

You can find the full list of new weapons coming to the game here, which was compiled by a user called Lean.

New maps are coming for Salmon Run, internally named “Shakehouse” and “Threepoints.” The new files for the maps were introduced in the 1.1.1 update to the game and are the last of the four planned stages for Salmon Run as of version 1.0.0, according to OatmealDome.

Incomplete files for remastered versions of the classic Kelp Dome and Blackbelly Skatepark from the original Splatoon were also introduced in the 1.1.1 update.

Placeholder images for maps revealed in the game’s Nintendo Direct presentation were also found, known as Kawa and Pillar.

splatoon 2 new maps, splatoon 2 datamine, splatoon 2 new update


splatoon 2 new maps, splatoon 2 datamine, splatoon 2 new update


Additional maps known as “Line” and “Tunnel” were also found and are in development.

Nintendo included test versions of Shifty Station, the stage featured in the last Splatfest, in the updates, according to OatmealDome. For Splatfests, the game downloads the real stage model and the layout file separately, which explains why the existing files comtain debug and test objects.

Here is a link to the new map data introduced with the 1.1.1 update.

There is also something interesting found about Octolings, the enemies you fight in the single player which are essentially octopus versions of Inklings. The value representing the player’s gender in the original Splatoon has been replaced with a parameter called “PlayerType” which shares the same values as another parameter called “ModelType.” The possible values for these parameters are “SquidGirl,” “SquidBoy,” and “Oct.” Near the values was an additional value called “OctBoy.” However, this was all based on information found in the game’s executable file and does not point to models, text, or anything else for boy Octolings. As the two parameters are shared, Octolings are not confirmed to be playable as doing so requires testing in-game which is impossible at the moment.

splatoon 2 datamine, splatoon 2 files, splatoon 2 octolings

NintendoSplatoon 2 Executable

In other news, the results of the recent Splatfest are in and Team Mayo beat Team Ketchup. While Team Mayo was creamed in the popularity contest, they ultimately won because they won the most matches for both solo and team battles.

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