Splatoon 2 League Battle: How Does It Work?

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Once you get a rank of B- in Splatoon 2’s Ranked Mode, you can grab a friend and play in League Battles. Here’s a quick guide on everything you need to know about League Battles, courtesy of the in-game guidebook.

League Battles have you assemble a team of super friends to compete against others within a set amount of time in the same match types as Ranked Battles. A new League Battle sessions starts every two hours with the stage changing along with it. Positions in the league are determined by the highest point each teams’ League Power ratings reach, not the League Power rating at the end of the session. Of course, the winner having the highest League Power rating wins the session.

League Power ratings are a reflection of your team’s performance. You’ll be matched with teams of similar League Power ratings. Your League Power rating will be established after playing seven matches. After that, it will rise with wins and fall with losses. The higher the opponent team’s League Power rating, the higher your rating will increase after beating them. Teams whose League Power rating is still undetermined before the seventh match mark will be matched with those whose performance in past League Battles and Ranked Battles is as close as possible to their own. Your rank won’t change with wins or losses.

You can play with your friends as a duo in the Pair Division or in a group of four in the Team Division. You’ll battle against players who pick the same division and each division has their own leaderboard.

League Power ratings are calculated based on each team of pair. If the members change, the team or pair will be viewed as brand new and will have to go through the process of calculating a new League Power. However, your old team’s League Power will be saved for later in case you reunite.

After a session ends, results are displayed in a pyramid where you can see where your team placed. Those who place highly will receive commemorative medals.

And that’s all you need to know about League Battles. Happy splatting!

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