Star Trek Online Update Features New Missions, Legendary Tony Todd

Star Trek online is unique in the MMO space. In addition to being available on PC and consoles, the game has seen a variety of updates, patches, and expansions to keep the game relevant. Chief among them is the constant stream of story-content updates for high-level players featuring popular Star Trek characters, locations, and actors.

The most recent batch of content, dubbed Season 13.5, will feature a number of updates, including a new rewards system for level 60 players titled ‘The Endeavor System’, and a new story titled ‘Brushfire’.

Star Trek Online, Star Trek Online Brushfire, Star Trek Online Season 13.5

‘Brushfire’ will find players assisting Tony Todd’s Rodek. Rodek is a Klingon warrior that requires assistance for a top-secret mission to a top-secret facility in the infamous Briar Patch to rescue a legendary Klingon you may have heard of – Martok.

These ‘seasons’ speak to hardcore Trek fans, and will often go as far as to feature character actors reprising their roles from the various Trek TV series – including the announcement that Geordi LaForge will be returning to the ‘Trek’ fold in a future content update – voiced, of course, by Levar Burton.

Star Trek: Online initially released to tepid reaction and was in danger of being shut down. Eventually ARC games took over the management of the game, shifted to a free-to-play model, released the game on consoles, and the continuing voyages of the Starship have never been smoother.

Star Trek: Online is free-to-play and features quality ship-to-ship combat as its main selling point, and a good selling point it is. There’s very few gaming experiences more gratifying then tricking our your custom Federation Starship with equipment, weapons, and crew that speak to your specific playing style.

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The update is out on September 5th for console owners, and will also include content to assist in trading for various crafting materials via the help of the Ferengi.

The game is currently available, and free-to-play, on Xbox One, PC, Mac, and PS4.

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