Tales of the Rays: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Tales of the Rays.

1. Select the Strongest Helper With the Right Element and Let the Game Choose Your Equipment

Tales of the Rays

Bandai Namco

• Before you take on your next mission, you’ll need to pick a Helper who can assist you during battle with their Mirage Artes. When making that decision, it’s always smart to choose someone who’s chosen element (which can be seen in the top left of their pic) matches up with the element of the level you’re about to explore. That way, your entire team will get a beneficial boost that will make their next task much easier to complete. And one more thing – always click on the “Best Equip.” tab before you go exploring. The game tends to always know which equipment to give you, which usually leads to your character getting a boost in power level and usable Artes.

2. Always Check on Your Missions, Collect Your Rewards and Log in Daily

Tales of the Rays

Bandai Namco

• While your clicking through tabs on your airship’s bridge, always make sure you check on the missions. The missions are broken down into Norm, Daily, Event and Limited. It’s easy to knock out a bunch of missions at one time just by playing through one chapter. Always keep an eye on your bridge so you’ll know when your rewards become available. Even if you don’t plan to play the game for an extended period of time, just make sure you log-in everyday to nab your daily gifts.

3. Vanquish Every Creature and Collect Every Item on a Level

Tales of the Rays

Bandai Namco

• As soon as you enter a dungeon, explore it manually. There’s really no need to enable Auto-Play since it’ll choose the shortest path that’ll take you directly to the main boss. Doing so means you’ll run right past valuable chests, come away with less Mirrogems and miss out on getting more experience by avoiding other enemies. A lot of the missions you’ll need to complete are tied to how fully you explore a dungeon, so clear out a dungeon completely. Using Auto-Play during battle is also not recommended since your character won’t land Just bonuses at all. What’s a Just bonus, you say? It’s that instance during battle where you land an Arte with perfect timing, which leads to your chosen character getting extra Mirrage Gauge points for their Mirrage Artes. Just control your characters during battle and become victorious through your own efforts.

4. Try to Change up Your Attack Structure

Tales of the Rays

Bandai Namco

• Landing three normal attacks that ends off with an Arte is always a viable option during battle. Try not to use the same Arte repeatedly though since that will cause it to enter a “Stale” state and weaken its overall power. Alternating between the Artes you use keeps them in a strong state, plus you’ll have a much better chance at getting a Just bonus by landing an Artes attack after your normal attack combo.

5. Breaking Guard!

Tales of the Rays

Bandai Namco

• Your foes tend to guard against attacks as you hack and slash ’em. But pulling off a Guard Break ends up getting rid of that bothersome problem. In order to activate a Guard Break, stop your attacks and wait for your CC gauge (the meter next to your character’s icon during battle) to fully refill. Then pull off an Artes attack to finally break an enemy’s guard. When it comes to pulling off a Guard Break on bosses, that’s a bit tougher since they have a more passive guard called “Iron Stance.” In order to break that guard, you’ll need to furiously attack the boss until they lose their stance. Afterwards, go crazy with Artes and Mirrage Artes in order to get maximum damage before they go back into their Iron Stance.

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