The Escapists 2: Top 5 Coolest Ways to Escape

Here are the top five tips/tricks/cheats you need to know in order to make your escape in The Escapists 2.

1. Camera Crew

The Escapists 2


• One of the prisons has a documentary crew wandering around getting a glimpse of life behind bars. Apart from hours of footage of inmates flushing each other’s bed sheets down the toilets, the crew also have a few supplies that would be useful to anyone who enjoys a spot of crafting and playing dress-up. After all, the guards are well used to seeing the camera crew walking in and out of the prison.

2. Mine

The Escapists 2


• There’s a goldmine of opportunities in The Escapists 2…as in, there’s a literal gold mine under one of the prisons. Gaining access to the abandoned mine may seem easy, but the dilapidated network of tunnels has collapsed in places. Still, any inmate handy with a shovel or a pickaxe would have no trouble carving their way through to the mine exit.

3. Helicopter

The Escapists 2


• You would think that prison guards would take extra precaution when leaving unattended vehicles in sight of criminals, sitting there just asking to be borrowed…permanently. There’s all manner of vehicular ways to escape, but one of the most satisfying has to be finding a way to procure the private helicopter belonging to none other than the Glorious Regime’s Glorious Leader.

4. Jetpack

The Escapists 2


• Deep space is home to unimaginable beauty and spectacle; Neutron Stars, vast nebulae… inmates beating each other up with toilet plungers. The most secure prison in the universe requires some truly out of this world problem solving skills to escape. If you can get past the guards, surveillance cameras and then manage to turn off the gravity, we’ve seen a jet pack lying around that could prove very useful…

5. Horse

The Escapists 2


• A prison train rumbles through Cougar Creek, the barren desert scenery whizzing past at high speed. With a one-way ticket to a life behind bars, it’s a race against the clock to escape before the train reaches its destination. The eagle-eyed passenger would have spotted the wild horses that inhabit these parts. With a bit of ingenuity, a particularly hungry horse could be lured close enough to the train.

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