All New Shovel Knight amiibo Three Pack Revealed

Shovel Knight is one of the biggest indie games to release in the past few years and Nintendo has decided to honor this title with a special amiibo three pack. Announced via Twitter, these amiibos won’t take the form of the game’s heroes, but the memorable bosses you fight against. The amiibos in question are Specter Knight, King Knight, and Plague Knight.

All three are part of the evil organization known as The Order of No Quarter. The reason for these specific three antagonists could easily be due to them each having their own expansion, with King Knight’s still on the way. These are clearly the fan favorites of The Order of No Quarter, so it will be intriguing to see how each amiibo works in their own expansion.

There currently is no price or release date offered for those looking to purchase this item, however, going off previous three-packs we have an idea how much it will run you. The last big amiibo three pack was for Splatoon 2 and that ran a little over $17.00, so expect to spend at least that much on this one.  We’d also recommend keeping tabs on Nintendo and Yacht Club Games’ Twitter so you know when pre-orders go live. If this is anything like the previous amiibos, expect them to sell out quickly and become extremely difficult to find. Even though Nintendo has been getting better with shipping out more amiibos, popular ones like these will be in high demand.

To complement this announcement, there was a rather amusing video released by developer Yacht Club Games. While the footage itself reveals virtually nothing about what these amiibos actually do, one should expect them to at least work for the version of Shovel Knight on the Nintendo Switch. If you can’t get enough of this game, make sure to pick up the Shovel Knight amiibo that show’s off the game’s main protagonist. We do not know if more Shovel Knight amiibos are planned, but don’t rule it out given how insanely popular this title is. Now all we have to do is keep hitting refresh on Amazon until we can finally pre-order them.