Clash Royale: New Mode Coming to In October?


Is a new ‘Mirror Mode’ mode coming to Clash Royale in October?

According to a recent developer update / internal leak / and Reddit AMA, a brand new mode is coming to Clash Royale in the very near future.

A Mirror Match mode.

(Cue the Mortal Kombat Music)

According to a conversation posted by SMWHackedHACK on the Clash Royale Reddit, Mirror Match Mode will level the playing field in an incredibly exciting way by having everyone get the same cards, and everyone get the same shuffle – and is expected in the next game update which drops – allegedly – in October. Game updates for Clash Royale often bring new modes, loot, and cards.

What does this mean? It means this mode will be a true test of skill – players won’t be able to blame suck-outs, bad draws, or OP players. True mono-a-mono competition with as level a playing field as you can hope for.

Mirror Match joins 2v2 battles, 2v2 draft battles, 2v2 ‘friendly’ battles, as well as tournament functionality, and a suite of challenges as the various ways to play Clash Royale.

With nearly 25 million users, the F2P game is arguably one of the most popular in the world – and judging by the continual stream of content updates and general temperature of the reddit forum, it appears the guys as Supercell (who also make Boom Beach and Clash of Clans) are doing a pretty…Royale job.

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