11 Cool PC Cases for Gaming: The Ultimate List (2018)

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Looking for some cool PC cases to pick one for your next gaming rig? We’ve got you covered.

Nothing beats creating your own gaming PC build. Getting all the right parts for the right price is a thrill equivalent to going to Vegas for the PC gaming crowd.

The best part about building your own PC is being able to tailor it to your specific needs, and not only does that mean getting the powerful hardware you need at the best price but also making something that looks cool. Don’t underestimate the importance of having a cool-looking computer case.

To help you do that, we’ve rounded up 11 ridiculously cool PC cases for your next gaming rig from the top brands like NZXT, Cooler Master, Corsair, and more.

1. Cougar Conquer Aluminum Frame Tempered Glass Premium Gaming Case – $287.22

cool pc gaming cases

Buy the Cougar Conquer Aluminum Gaming Case here.

One of the year’s most unique-looking PC gaming cases comes from Cougar, a gaming peripheral brand I’ve come to especially love over the past few years (mostly due to their incredible Cougar 700K mechanical keyboard which is one of the best gaming keyboards available).

They’ve brought that same design quality over to the computer case space, and the Cougar Conquer is a delightfully wild-looking result. It doesn’t have the standard rectangular form factor that you most commonly see, but instead, has an edgier, highly stylized exterior.

It uses tempered glass on both sides, and it uses an aluminum alloy frame that’s meticulously crafted. It holds full size graphics cards up to 350mm, and it suppoorts 360mm water cooling radiator at the top and another 240mm water cooling radiator at the front. The case’s design has superior air-flow and cooling performance, so your PC will run cool as a cucumber.

cougar conquer case

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2. Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB ATX Mid-Tower – $169.99

pc gaming cases

Buy the Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB ATX Mid-Tower Case here.

Earlier this year, Corsair debuted their incredible new Crystal Series 570X ATX Mid-Tower case, and it brings exterior design to an all-new level of greatness. It uses four tempered glass panels, and it comes with 3 RGB LED fans (as well as an integrated RGB controller for those fans), with the potential to hold six total case fans.

The 570X also has expert-level cable routing channels and velcro cable straps to keep your cables at bay.

The three glowing fans in the front that sit behind the tempered glass give the Corsair Crystal 570X a unique look, and that’s why it’s on our list of cool PC cases in 2018.

corsair cases

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3. NZXT Phantom 630 Windowed Edition – $159.37

nzxt phantom

Buy the NZXT Phantom 630 Windowed Edition Computer Case here.

If a stormtrooper had a gaming rig, it would undoubtedly start with the NZXT Phantom 630 Windowed Edition for its build. This ATX full tower case has a shiny white and black finish, giving it a stormtrooper-like appearance. One the side panel, you’ll find a tempered glass panel so that the innards of your PC can be seen.

If you’re looking for RGB, look elsewhere; this case doesn’t have any LED lighting by default. You can, of course, purchase RGB LED fans separately if you want to add some color, but we’re fully digging the Star Wars vibes here.

nzxt cases

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4. Cooler Master Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition XL-ATX Full Tower w/ Tempered Glass – $249.99

cooler master 25th anniversary

Buy the Cooler Master Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition here.

One of the highest-rated gaming PC cases of 2017 is Cooler Master’s Cosmos II case, and in celebration, the company created a 25th Anniversary Edition XL that’s absolutely incredible. It’s larger than your average rig, standing at 13.54 inches tall. It also has a bit of weight to it, coming in at just under 60 pounds.

Yes, it’s massive.

But…look at it! It has a steel frame and a stylish race-car inspired look, and it comes with Blue LED ambient lightning to emphasize your components, which are entirely viewable thanks to the dual curved tempered glass side panel.

Those side panels also have suicide doors, meaning they’re hinged to the front of the case and open outwards. Super cool.

cooler master case

Read More About it Here.

5. NZXT H440 Matte White + Purple Mid Tower Case – $104

nzxt cases

NZXT is undeniably building a name for itself with its incredible line of PC cases, and one of their third price tier cases is the H440 Matte White + Purple Mid Tower Case. It comes in at slightly over $100, and for that $100, you get a super clean-looking case that looks like it belongs in a science lab.

The H440 has a futuristic feel to it, thanks to its simplistic design. The front face has no drives or fans or markings of any sort, just a white face with a neon purple accent at the top. On the side, you’ll find vents for airflow to keep your components cool.

The side has a full-view window as well, allowing the inner workings of your PC to be on display. What’s more, it also has 80% more cable management space than competing mid tower cases.

Interestingly enough, it also has an integrated 8-port PWN fan that converts your motherboard’s PWM signals into voltage regulation to help keep your system quiet.

It comes Kraken-ready, and it’ll fit both 140mm and 120mm fans as well as 360mm radiators.

nzxt gaming cases

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6. Corsair Carbide Series Mid-Tower Gaming Case – $79.99

corsair carbide

Buy the Corsair Carbide Series here.

Corsair also knows how to create great towers that don’t break the bank, like the Corsair Carbide Series case. There are four different colorways available: white and red, black and yellow, black and red, and black and silver. It’s one of the coolest gaming cases under $100 that you’ll find.

It comes with two front LED fans and one rear fan, and it can house a front 240mm radiator (sold separately). It has tool-free drive installation, and the side panel is removable. It’s a brilliantly bold design that takes your rig up a notch.

corsair carbide

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7. SilverStone Primera Series Gaming ATX Tower w/ Tempered Glass – $139.92

silverstone case

Buy the SilverStone Primera Series Gaming PC Case here.

One of the most unique-looking rigs on this list is the SilverStone Gaming ATX Tower PM01W, which not only comes with three LED fans but also RGB LED stripes for an advanced lightning effect that makes it vibrant. It’s compatible with ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASROCK Aura, and Biostar Racing.

It has an oversized mesh front panel that allows the three LED fans to shine through, and it has a build in dual-mode LED light controller so that you can adjust the colors and modes. Also has an 8 in 1 PWN fan hub.

On top of all of that goodness, it has a mega-sized full-size tempered glass side panel. And, it’s rated 4.2 out of 5.0 from over 25 customers on Amazon, making it one of the highest rated cool pc cases on the web.

silverstone case

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8. Rosewill CULLINAN ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case w/ Tempered Glass Panels – $109.99

Rosewill cases

Rosewill gaming cases are typically known for being cheap but well-made, and this year, they introduced the Cullinan ATX mid Tower case, which is similar to Corsair’s Crystal look (above) but darker and nearly $100 less.

It uses tempered glass panels on the front and both sides, and it has three Blue LED fans on the front and one in the rear.

It’s optimized for both ventilation and sound, letting your PC run super quiet (because of the tempered glass) and cool (because of the four included fans and airflow design). The front also has a removable magnetic dust trap to help you keep your components clean.

rosewill 2

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9. Thermaltake Core P5 Green Edition ATX – $131

coolest gaming pc cases 2017

Buy the Thermaltake Core P5 Black Edition ATX here.

Now, if you don’t want something that looks like any computer you’ve ever seen, then look no further than Thermaltake’s Core P5 Green Edition ATX. This INCREDIBLE design makes all of your components visible, thanks to its entirely clear front and side panels. The back panel is an awesome lime green.

What makes it so unique is the fact that it doesn’t use your standard steel frame housing but, instead, sidemounts all of your components to one side.

It also has a modular design, which allows for multiple potential configurations and flexibility for custom PC enthusiasts.

If you’re ready for a standout gaming PC, the Thermaltake Core p5 is THE coolest gaming PC case on the planet, and there are also other colors available.

*Update: Unfortunately, the green one is currently unavailable. Bummer. Black one is still available, though.

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10. Cooler Master HAF X Full Tower Case – $178

cooler master haf x

Buy the Cooler Master HAF X Full Tower Case here.

If you’re not looking to take your PC design into left field just yet, there are still a few run-of-the-mill gaming cases that look cool, like the Cooler Master HAF X full tower case.

The HAF stands for high air flow, meaning it’s specifically designed with keeping your components cool in mind. But, think of this as the tank of PC cases because of its rugged design. It comes with four fans, and has a GPU air duct with fan for SLI or Crossfire cooling. It has 9 expansion slots, and it has a generally rugged look to it.

With its sole red LED fan in the front, it also has a menacing look to it. Super cool.

Haf X

Spacious interior.

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11. Cougar Panzer-G Premium ATX Mid Tower Gaming Case – $134.65

cougar panzer g

Buy the Cougar Panzer-G Premium ATX Mid Tower Case here.

The Cougar Panzer-G Premium case not only looks incredibly cool, with 3 ominous glowing LED rings in the front of the tower behind tempered glass, but it also has an incredible 7 expansion slots available. This gives you the room you need to install 3 graphics card.

cougar gaming case

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