Destiny 2 Countdown: 10 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

destiny 2 crucible, destiny 2 pvp, destiny 2 countdown Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

Countdown is one of the most tricky game modes in Destiny 2’s Crucible, pitting Guardians against each other to see who can set or diffuse one of two chargers on the map (or kill each other) first.

Here are 10 tips you need to know to succeed in this game mode and be crowned the winner.

Thanks to Reddit user Shatyr for some tips.

1. Prioritize the Closest Charger to the Enemy Team

It can be hard to decide how many people should defend which charger. However, your safest bet is to defend the one closest to the enemy team as they will most likely try to set the charger there. When it’s your turn to set the charger, take not of which one is easier to get to so you can figure out which one to add more defenders.

Just don’t stick to a rigid guideline of which charger to defend. Switching it up can often catch the enemy team off guard.

2. Don’t Die Where People Can’t Revive You

destiny 2 countdown, destiny 2 crucible, destiny 2 pvp

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

If you die, you can be revived after a couple of seconds. Just make sure that you don’t die in places that are a bit out of the way so that your teammates can revive you easily.

3. Close Quarters Weapons Are Best

destiny 2 countdown, destiny 2 crucible, destiny 2 pvp

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

Chargers are often located in enclosed, indoor spaces. This makes it perfect for using weapons like sub machine guns, hand cannons, and shotguns that can quickly tear through opponents at close range.

4. You’re Vulnerable When Setting/Defusing Chargers

Destiny 2


It takes some time to set/diffuse a charger, making you vulnerable to attack. Make sure you have another teammate to watch your back.

5. Prioritize Setting Bomb

Destiny 2


Countdown is essentially a team deathmatch, where the team with all allies fallen loses. However, even if you defeat the enemy team, you can still lose if you don’t diffuse any set chargers. That’s why you should always focus on setting chargers instead of killing opponents.

6. Don’t Go Scouting

destiny 2 countdown, destiny 2 crucible, destiny 2 pvp

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

Don’t go scouting to see where the enemy team is. You’re more than likely to be mowed down by two or three members of the other team. Most importantly, you’ll just be wasting time.

7. Use Your Super to Buy Time

Destiny 2


Even if you don’t manage to kill anyone with your Super, chasing opponents away can buy time while your charger sets off and prevents the enemy from diffusing it. That being said, some players are stronger mentally and can take you down easily if you’re up against three of them.

8. Hide in Corners

destiny 2 countdown, destiny 2 pvp, destiny 2 crucible

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

Tying back to tip number three, chargers are often located in enclosed spaces. That’s why you should hide in a corner to catch the opponent off guard. The castle area in the Fortress map has many nook and crannies to hide.

9. Use Grenades When People are Near Charger

Destiny 2


People trying to set off a charger (or diffusing it) will be very close to the charger. Tracking, vortex, and pulse grenades or even the Nova Bomb are great tools for taking down opponents quickly at the bomb.

10. Stay Together

destiny 2 countdown, destiny 2 crucible, destiny 2 pvp

Destiny 2_20170919223442

This is probably the simplest tip to follow but the most important. Staying together greatly increases your ability to complete objectives whether you’re all planting bombs or diffusing them.

Also, be sure to dance with your teammates after a successful round.

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