Destiny 2: How to Get Drang Sidearm for Sturm Quest

Destiny 2
  1. Warning: Destiny 2 spoilers may follow.

Destiny 2 is out now and while most players have been grinding away at the main story content, there’s a number of players who have reached end game already. Although the initial raid isn’t yet available, there’s still a wealth of content to explore in the world of Destiny 2.

One of the many things you could be doing is tracking down all the Exotics found in the game. There’s a good handful of them to find so you can keep your hands full for a while if you’re waiting for the raid to drop. One of those Exotics to look at is the Sturm exotic hand cannon. This Exotic is a must have for any pistols fans in Destiny 2 so we’re taking a look at how to get one of the weapons needed to get for this Exotic hand cannon.

To even think about getting this weapon, you first have to complete the main story in Destiny 2. have to One of the steps to completing the Relics of the Golden Age is to defeat Fallen on Nessus with the Drang. It’s kind of important to own the Drang if you’re planning on completing this quest step.

Destiny 2

Luckily, it isn’t too hard to acquire the Drang and it’s actually a pretty power weapon in itself. The first thing you have to do is complete the Exodus Black quest line. It’s a pretty short quest line with last quest being titled My Captain. The whole purpose of this quest line is to figure out what happened to Failsafe’s crew and captain on Nessus. You’ll discovered some audio tapes as you search for bodies initially but eventually you’ll get to see some real action. Once you complete the short quest line and wipe out all the Vex, you’ll be rewarded with a sheet of paper called Kinetic Weapon that leads into the Relics of the Golden Age quest line and the Drang sidearm.

To reiterate, the Drang sidearm is needed to obtain the Sturm so make sure you don’t break it down or lose it. If you do end up needing a replacement you can head to The Farm and obtain a new one.

The Drang packs a pretty powerful punch on its own so it could be worth obtaining even if you don’t plan on going for the Sturm. It does have nice synergy with the Sturm as kills with the Drang will actually replenish the Sturm’s ammo. If you’re running on low on ammo, this combo might be a nice one to have handy, assuming you’re a fan of sidearms and hand cannons.


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