Destiny 2 Faction Rallies: Where Are the Faction Vendors?

Destiny 2

The Faction Rallies are officially underway in Destiny 2 and you will want to make sure that you align yourself with one of the three factions. These are Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult, all of which are returning from the original game. In Faction Rallies, players will be able to select one of these groups to align themselves with in order to obtain special weapons and armor. By the end of the event, the group with the most faction packages collected will offer a special, unique weapon.

However, if you want to actually participate in Faction Rallies you’ll need to first finish the actual game’s main story. Once this is done, players will unlock The Tower social space where all of the vendors have relocated to. From here you will be able to speak to and turn in your faction tokens to whichever group you’ve aligned yourself with. Here are the locations for all 3 factions in The Tower:

  • Dead Orbit: You can find this group sulking about in the hanger opposite of Amanda Holiday and Cayde-6. From the spawn, turn around and then head to your right across the catwalk to the next section of The Tower. When you enter the hanger, take a left and run underneath the mesh tents with the odd green glow to find the Dead Orbit representative.


  • Future War Cult: Just like Dead Orbit, from the spawn head towards the hanger where Cayde-6 and Amanda Holiday are located. Only this time go up the stairs directly to your left when you exit the main door. You can find the Future War Cult’s snazzy set up here and the faction leader behind the desk.


  • New Monarchy: The final faction is actually found on the other side of The Tower by Ikora Rey. From the spawn, head past Banshee and follow the halls until you reach an open area. Run down to where Ikora Rey is and then turn to your right. New Monarchy will be set up at the end of the tunnel that you go into to meet with the Leviathan raid vendor.

Remember, you are bound to that faction for the duration of the event. so choose wisely if you only have one Guardian. However, players who have multiple characters are free to have each Guardian align with a different force to ensure you can obtain their special reward weapon for a discounted price. Now if you excuse us, we need to go out into the wild and start grinding for some Destiny 2 tokens.

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