Destiny 2 Faction Rallies: Which Faction Should You Choose?

Destiny 2

The first major event for Destiny 2 is about to begin and it’s going to revolve around the PvP (Player vs Player) factions. Returning from the original, the three groups will make their debut during the Faction Rallies event starting tomorrow, September 26 at 2:00 a.m. PDT/5:00 a.m. EDT. Users will have a choice between New Monarchy, Future War Cult, or Dead Orbit to align themselves with for the duration of this event. Players may only select one group per Guardian so it will be important to select the group based on what they are offering. ‘

Each faction will offer a unique armor set, four different weapons, and two special shaders for players to collect. There will also be a special weapon given out to all players at the end of the event based on which of the three factions obtain the most reputation packages. This weapon can be purchased by everyone for 50,000 Glimmer or 1,000 Glimmer if you aligned yourself with the winning faction. These reward weapons are a scout rifle for Dead Orbit, a sidearm for New Monarchy, and a pulse rifle for Future War Cult.

When deciding on a faction for the duration of the event one should base their choice off of the armor and most importantly weapons offered. Below we will break down all three factions and their offerings so you have an easier time deciding which to pick.

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Future War Cult

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The most colorful of the three factions, FWC’s armor set is by far the sleekest and most futuristic of the three groups. There are clear ties to some of the items you can earn on Titan and if you are looking for a more space-age look this might be the group for you. Future War Cult are also offering a hand cannon, sniper rifle, scout rifle, and an auto rifle. This appears to be the most balanced in terms of weapons offered, as there is a nice mix of close and long range gear available.

New Monarchy

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In contrast, New Monarchy is apparently embracing the Iron Banner design that harkens back to the days of old. If you like the more classical and medieval focused design, then we highly recommend selecting New Monarchy as your faction during this event. Keep in mind, you can obtain items like these already in Destiny 2, but siding with New Monarchy gives you by far a better chance at obtaining them. Their weapons are more up close and personal with a shotgun, submachine gun, auto rifle, and a scout rifle.

Dead Orbit

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‌If you looking for something more industrial and edgy then Dead Orbit is the faction for you. Much like the other two factions, you can earn this armor in the game, but keep in mind any cloaks, marks, or bonds will sport the Dead Orbit logo. What’s really fantastic about Dead Orbit is that their shaders are clearly just mixes of white and black, which is a hard set of colors to come by in Destiny 2.

Currently, there is only one black and white shader, dubbed Monochromatic, that is offered as a possible reward in Bright Engrams. The weapons for this faction include a sidearm, shotgun, hand cannon, and  a pulse rifle. This is clearly the faction for those who like to use handguns or get in close for the kill.

Remember, you can select one of each faction on your Guardian, so it’s fully possible to only have to pay 1,000 Glimmer for the special, end of event reward. We recommend simply picking a different faction across all three of your Guardians if you have one, to ensure that you never have to group 50k on a single gun. If you are stuck on which to pick and don’t care about armor, we recommend selecting Future War Cult since its weapon selection is far more balanced. FWC also has the best end game reward weapon, so if you are motivated purely by the guns pick this faction.

It will be interesting to see which of these three groups emerge victorious, but if we are placing our bet on Dead Orbit taking this victory. It’s been a fan favorite since the original Destiny and it certainly has some of the coolest looking armor available. Make sure to check back with us to see who won the first ever Destiny 2 Faction Rallies.