Destiny 2: Hit With Queue and At Capacity Issues

Destiny 2 Strike


To probably no one’s surprise, developer Bungie’s hit FPS shooter is already suffering some issues right out of the gate. Given that Destiny 2 is perhaps one of the biggest games of the year, the server problem was something Bungie actually expected. Earlier today, Bungie took to Twitter and explained that players should expect a server queue when they sign in. ┬áSadly, this wasn’t Bungie just be over prepared, as Destiny 2 is currently flooded with this issue.

If you encounter this problem then you will just have to sit and wait until the game lets you in. It will take some time to eventually get into the game given the massive influx of people all trying to log on at once. We don’t recommend backing out, as it could shuffle you around in the queue and possibly cause you to wait even longer. However, if nothing really seems to be happening you can log out and log back into the game as that worked for one of us.

Currently, Bungie has only reminded players that this is to be expected and there has been no talk of any additional network or server errors.

Given how many people are all trying to get on, we will keep updating this story until it appears that the servers have leveled out. Hopefully, all of our fellow Guardians will be able to log onto Destiny 2 soon and fight for their Light.